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Inside-Out Again

No description

Sasha Lamprea

on 1 July 2015

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Transcript of Inside-Out Again

Sasha Lamprea
Inside-Out Again
Revel in the freedom to choose your response
Practice deep communication for better understanding of each other and ourselves
The space between stimulus and response
1. No probing
No questions, just empathy
Probing is too controlling and logical
Respect each other's pace
2. Realize when to quit for the day

Remember that things that seem trivial often have roots in deep emotional experiences.
Rules of Deep Communication
Be aware that you are affected by your parents
Be aware that you are affecting the lives of your children
The importance of interdependent intergenerational families

Know that you can change the script
Empower yourself and others with the freedom to change the script
Think of yourself as a link between the past and the future
Real change comes from the inside-out; from getting at the root of how and why we see the world
Becoming a Transition Person
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