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First Day of School 2013-2014

No description

Cassandra Meinholz

on 13 August 2014

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Transcript of First Day of School 2013-2014

Welcome to the Math Learning Extravaganza!
Mrs. Meinholz
2" 3 Ring Binder
5 Dividers
Graph Paper
Compass (Geometry)
Protractor (Geometry)
Daily Supplies
Classroom Rules
Have a Great Year!
It better not get this far...
ersonal Responsibility
Two Feet in the Door!
Be on time
Be prepared
Be an active learner
Complete assignments
Be an active listener
Use school-appropriate language
Be considerate of others
Use all class materials appropriately
Respect others' right to learn
Do your own work
Be patient and tolerant
Share responsibilities
Be organized
Use time wisely
Ask for help
Produce high quality work
Challenge yourself
Commit to be at school
Bring all materials every

Answer Keys
40% New
60% Previous
All students will take midterm and final exam
Quiz 1
Ch 1 Obj. 1
Ch 1 Obj . 2
Quiz 2
Ch 1 Obj. 1
Ch 1 Obj. 2
Ch 1 Obj. 3
Ch 1 Obj. 4
Quiz 3
Ch 1 Obj. 1
Ch 1 Obj. 2
Ch 1 Obj. 3
Ch 1 Obj. 4
Ch 1 Obj. 5
Ch 1 Obj. 6
Quiz 4
Ch 1 Obj. 3
Ch 1 Obj. 4
Ch 1 Obj. 5
Ch 1 Obj. 6
Ch 2 Obj. 1
Ch 2 Obj. 2
1. Check calendar to determine what day you missed
2. Find corresponding folder for the handouts/notes
5th & 8th Hour (1st Semester)
1st & 4th Hour (2nd Semester)
Don't ask...unless it is an emergency
Sharpen pencil during first 5 min.
Sit up in chair
Don't wait by the door at the end of class

Quiz/Test Day
Absent Work Bins
Find unit day # you were gone
Find folder for corresponding day
Four on the floor, excluding feet
20% Daily Work
30% Quizzes
50% Tests
Homework time is end of hour
OR when you are finished with all activities
Due: Tuesday
Blow your nose
when I am not teaching
If you forget supplies, of course you can (and should) borrow supplies - from a classmate, not me.
Hand in
Homework Board
If your grade is a "D+" or below,
your parent will be notified.
Turn in absent work here
Turn in late work here
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