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Bicloo in Centrale

No description

Team English

on 27 October 2014

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Transcript of Bicloo in Centrale

Commerce : Downtown
Crowded tramway
Traffic jams
Too far to walk
Too many people waiting
What about Bicloo : a self-service bike system ?
Only policemen can ride horses in the streets
Centrale is still one station away
The station is often full
Problem :
Consequences ?
People are lazy
The campus is disconnected from dowtown
No campus life can grow
Only one solution : bring bicloo inside the campus
People are late
How ?
Estimate : 30 bike parks
7,6% of the students are likely to prefer bicloo over tramway
Self regulated station
Raise in annual tickets selling
New dynamism in campus
With Audencia, over 1000 students concerned
Benefits ?
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