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Linked In Basics

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Anne Rowland

on 26 July 2016

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Transcript of Linked In Basics

This is your profile head line. It should include your full professional legal name, your current location, current employer and position, as well as your education.

You should include a professional looking head shot as your profile picture. You can get a free professional head shot taken at any Career Development Center ProFresh Pic events. Visit our calendar for more information.
This is your profile summary. It should include your skills and experiences, as well as a brief summary of the field, industry, and positions you are searching for.

Some questions to ask yourself:
1. What are my skills?
2. How have I used my skills?
3. What am I passionate about?
4. What populations do I want to work with?
5. What locations or environment do I want to work in?
6. How am I hoping to use LinkedIn to connect with professionals?
Next is the meat and potatoes of your profile-- your experience. Similar to your resume, you want to include not only your experiences, but also skills you have developed through your experiences.

Follow our accomplishment statement formula:

Skill Verb
As you connect more with your network, this Skills and Endorsements section will grow. LinkedIn allows your connections to select and endorse you for skills you excel in.

To further develop your profile, connect with as many professionals as you can in your network, and encourage them to endorse you for your skills. One of the best ways to do this is through endorsing others yourself!
The next section highlights your education. Here you will put your school, degree receiving, major, and expected graduation date.

Filling in your education section allows you to connect with IU alumni from all over the world. By clicking 'Indiana University Bloomington' you will be directed to LinkedIn's exclusive page for IU Alumni. You can utilize this database to search for connections based on career field, location, degree or major, and connection. This is a great way to network and conduct informational interviews with fellow Hoosiers in career fields that may interest you!
The last section, Recommendations, allows your connections to formally recognize you for outstanding work! Encourage your former bosses, professors, co-workers, and professional contacts to say a few words on your behalf.
This section is for professional groups or organizations you can connect with via LinkedIn. This is a good way to meet professionals in your career interest field from all over the world! Don't just be a member of a group-- challenge yourself to engage in discussions via the message board to increase your online presence and virtually connect with professionals. For a list of potential professional association groups, visit our career guides.
Your Profile Basics
Profile Header
Profile Summary
Search & Connect with Alumni
You can search for IU Alumni and connect with professionals in career fields that interest you easily on LinkedIn. Simply click ‘Connections’ at the top of your profile, and then ‘Find Alumni’.
You can find Alumni in specific career fields and organizations by filtering “Where They Live” “Where They Work” and “What They Do”. You can also keyword search, or change graduation years for a more narrow search.
After filtering results, connect with Alumni that interest you. Find a suitable connection, who is aligned with your career interests, by reading through profiles, and seeing how you are connected to them (1st, 2nd, 3rd connection).
Personalize the message you send to connect with a professional in under 140 characters. Introduce yourself, and include why you are interested in connecting with them.
LinkedIn as Career Exploration
Involvement and Skills
Students can explore what they can do with each major by searching through IU alumni who studied specific majors. This allows students to see the variety of career industries related to majors that interest them. You can see this easily through the "What they studied" tab.
Students can explore alumni involvement through using profiles as interactive resumes, or search based on involvement they are considering. This allows students to see the transferable skills gained through experiences, that allowed alumni to build their resume and get into a career field.
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