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Help Haiti's Education

Tragedy has struck, they're in need of help.

gabriela decarlo

on 2 June 2011

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Transcript of Help Haiti's Education

Help Haiti's Education A tragic earthquake has struck , they need help not only with food and clothing, but schools and education.... FOR ALL!!!!! Without education, the life ahead of them will not be the life they hoped for. We can help increase literacy in our world. Everyone deserves an education no matter where they live. Let's start with Haiti who has been through so much.
Right now over 1.3 million Haitians are homeless. with each step We can educate those around us These children of Haiti need school
just like everyone in the U.S. {Carolyn Cole/ Los Angeles Times} Class Kids like these need an improved educational enviornment. Children at the age of twelve are learning at a second grade level, this can be fixed! With a little help and money we can get teachers and supplies to educate these children of Haiti at the level they're supposed to be. If you are willing to help please go to
www.hope-for-haiti.org/donations to donate book and supplies etc. With little steps we can make a difference for people's lives and make a big impact. So let's go change the lives of those in need!!!!!!!!!! Presented and Edited by:
Gabriela and Kylee, pictures by Carolyn Cole from Los Angeles Times
Thanks for all your help and support! Gabriela and I would like to move this presentation forward to Youtube and to Carolyn Cole from Los Angeles Times. Our resources for this presentation were from UNESCO.
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