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Emergency Volunteer Network

Overview of EVN.

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Transcript of Emergency Volunteer Network

EVN Register to be a H How EVN will get it done How can the process of mobilizing, allocating and managing volunteers during times of urgent or unplanned need be improved? Stage 1 Stage 2 Solution Design
& Development EVN's Volunteer Management System Capacity Building
& Outreach Database and web-based registration for volunteers Special skills/ abilities like:
Spanish speaker
Able to carry heavy loads
Car owner
Able to offer shelter to a given number of people
Place to bathe
First aid/ CPR certified
Blood donor
Grief counselor Database and web-based registration for users who will request volunteers Community-based organizations
Federal, state and municipal emergency management agencies/ offices Transactional web application The volunteer store Three components Home address OR zip and distance willing to travel Email address and/ or Twitter account and/ or cell # Notification system Tracking system Lets registered users shop for volunteers based on skills and proximity to activation. Alerts registered volunteers who meet an assignment's criteria via any combination of channels. EVN app SMS Twitter email Requires alert recipients who wish to accept the assignment to confirm by doing one of the following: Tapping "accept" in the EVN smart phone app
Texting "accept" response code
Responding to Twitter direct message from EVN
Following accept link in email Volunteer confirmation Message includes basic assignment information, such as:
The requesting organization
Brief description of assignment
Minimum time commitment
Any special skills requested of the volunteer Conflict detection Prevents volunteers who are on assignment from receiving notification of concurrent assignments. Webmap Available to emergency management authorities to enhance situational awareness. Includes:
Open assignment locations
Open assignment descriptions
Open assignment number of volunteers and skills/ services requested
Number of volunteers/ skills/ services available by user-defined geography Social media engagement Advertising and awareness Technology relevance To be successful in the long-term, EVN will establish strategic partnerships with organizations and agencies that operate at various temporal and geographic scales. Three type of partners Partner organizations NY Cares, NYC Service, AmeriCorps, United Way, Volunteermatch.org, Corporation for National and Community Service, VOAD, etc. Primarily register volunteers and help build EVN's "inventory". The American Medical Society, the American Bar Association, the American Academy of Grief Counseling, and the New York Society of Bike Messengers, etc. AND EVN is not meant to supplant the the roles of volunteering related organizations. Rather, it is meant to augment their capacities by organizing and unifying their volunteer forces under the EVN umbrella for instances in which volunteers and specific skills are needed immediately--situations in which these organizations might never have been involved. Local, regional and national
volunteering organizations Local and national professional organizations More likely to request volunteers through EVN Municipal, state and federal offices of emergency management, humanitarian aid organizations and charities FEMA, Texas Division of Emergency Management, NYC Office of Emergency Management, American Red Cross, Salvation Army, etc. Member-partner organizations Anchor their communities and are most in touch with resident needs
Likely to both register and request volunteers through EVN Community-based organizations Houses of worship, local food banks, Boys & Girls Clubs, etc. Hospitals Local government Volunteers will have the opportunity to link their EVN account to Twitter and Facebook via API integration. EVN will seek partnerships with national advertising agencies to strengthen the EVN brand and promote widespread awareness. To ensure that the technologies upon which EVN is built are as flexible and as open to change as possible, the VMS will be developed using open source methodology, and hackathons will be held regularly to improve usability, accessibility and functionality. Information requested Member organizations When a volunteer with an EVN account linked to Twitter or Facebook accepts an assignment, a message will post to either social media platform indicating that the user is volunteering through EVN and how others can register to become an emergency volunteer. Becoming a household name Assignment confirmation Community boards, town boards, city councils, municipal agencies. Businesses EVN's technology is only a small portion of its program. 90% of its mission will focus on... Emergency Volunteer Network (EVN) EVN is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve community resilience by developing a nationally to globally scalable data and communications standard that allows volunteers, skill sets and services to be managed, organized, deployed and allocated with speed and efficiency during times of urgent need. Volunteers who attempt to accept an assignment after quotas have been met will receive a message thanking them and asking them to stand by. RO Partnership development Becoming a household name Volunteers accepted for assignment receive details including:
Coordinator contact info
Exact location with webmap
Any other relevant information
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