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Copy of Business Model Canvas

No description

Todd Leon

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Business Model Canvas

- Freshman college students and Boarding School Students, who are looking for extra space while in bed. - Excited parents who are moving their kids to dorms. - Convenience

- Affordability

- Usability - Week-one Orientation, parents weekends, prospective students weekends.
- College Book Stores
- Social Media/Online presence
- Word of Mouth - Versatile

- The ability to readily access multiple items. - Focus on customer acquisition.

- Co-creation approach by listening and adapting to customers needs.

- Using feedback and ideas from customers to pivot. - Small-scale production
- Asset sale: one-time purchase at a fixed price. - To distribute our product we the endorsement of universities and bookstores.
- Manufacturers to build the product.
- Plastic Engineer to design the product. - Loans from FFFs, banks and investors to kick start the business - Team of designers and plastic engineers to continuously pivot the product.
- Team to experiment and analyze the feedback from customers.
- Stable manufacturer
- Adding new partners to improve our product.
- Universities endorsement.

- Manufacturing:
- College Book Stores
- Universities, colleges.
- Advisory Board Julia, Dan, Christoph
and Delight 02 20 2013 Additional consulting from:
-Product Designers
-Packaging Designers
-Distribution Managers
-Supply Chain Manager
-Manufacturing Manager Value-driven: Cost-driven: -Determined to meet the specific and many needs of our customers -Our target customers are college students on a budget. Characteristics:
- Fixed costs (production/manufacturing, social media, costumer service)
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