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Who Am I Without Him

No description

Lakenya Riddick

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of Who Am I Without Him

The Ugly One is about a girl named Asia who gets bullied because of the way her face looks. This story takes place at her house and at her school. In this story the characters are Asia, Nock, Ramon, her grandma and her brother. The social issue in this book is bullying. Mookie in Love is about a player named Mookie who loved a girl named shanna. This story takes place in Mookie cousins house. In this story the characters are Mookie, Shanna, Mom Dad and Sisters. The social issue on the story is Love and dishonesty. In Hunting For Boys there are 10 girls who are looking for boyfriends to take to a party that their parents already said no to. The characters in the story are China, Satina, Jamaica, N'kia, K'ya, Lisa, Anna, Belle, Daylea and Karmen. The Social Issue in this story is disobeying. The Ugly One In The Ugly One the social Issue Asia faced was being bullied
" They Call Me The Ugly One" Pg.50 Mookie In Love In Mookie In Love, Mookie has achieved one goal to date Shanna. Mookie achieve's these goals by putting on his charm and using what he has learned from the women in the house. Hunting For Boys In The Ugly One Asia has a goal and that is for Ramon and her could be together because he's the only one who treats her right in her head because Ramon is a celebrity in a magazine she can't achieve this goal so she keep the relationship through magazine. In Hunting For Boys 10 girls are looking for boyfriends but failed to achieve their goals and also got punished. They didn't achieve these goals because they told people that they were from a church and the girls there thought they were a joke In Mookie In Love The Social Issue Mookie Faced Was Dishonesty
"Mookie was to busy chasing Shanna to ask them why they lied on him" Pg.69 In Hunting For Boys the social issue the girls faced was lonliness or they felt like their missing out.
"Why Can't We Be Like the Other Girls" Pg. 171 In these short stories I like them because you don't know what happens next. I also like the short stories because the characters are our age and I feel that I can connect.

What I dislike about this novel is that they don't use proper language so i hard to understand what they are trying to say. The Ugly One
"She's a dog, man Ruff! Ruff! Give a dog a bone" pg 53
"The girls call me Marbles" Hunting For Boys
The Girl of the Calavary Church of god's blessed
Do not
1. Date
2.Wear lipstick short skirts tube tops
3. Dance or go to activities outside the church
4. Disobey their parnets
5. Hurt themselves or their families with negative and destructive behavior. pg.176 The author is trying to show us that disobeying, dishonesty and bullying can hurt people make your parents lose trust in you harm people like this relates to overall theme by not taking anyone for granted. Girls 12-16 would enjoy reading this novel because they could connect to the book. Yes I would personally recommended this novel to readers because it's a good book that keeps the reader interested. Summary Who Am I Without Him Realistic Fiction By: Sharon G. Flake In these short stories the author is teaching you to never let anyone take you for granted. That you need to stick to the rules instead of disobeying and that dishonesty hurts relation ships. The main social issue is bullying dishonesty and disobeying. Mookie In Love
Mookie was too busy chasing shanna to ask them why they lied on him pg.69
"Aunt Lucinda said it's for his own good to protect him from girls who got there own agenda pg.70 The main character in The Ugly One is Asia Calloway. She is a a shy high school student who gets bullied because of the way her face looks The main character in Mookie In Love is Mookie. He is a confident guy who gets whatever he wants including girls. The main character in Hunting For Boys is China Satina, Jamaica N'kia, K'ya, Lisa, Anna, Belle, Daylea and Karmen. These 10 high school girls who do whatever it takes to be like other girls (like disobeying what they're parents say). Characters Social Issue Likes and Dislikes Author's Point and Recommendations Theme
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