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No description

Khent Marl Ballon

on 19 August 2014

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Transcript of THE TWO BROTHERS

Egypt is famous for its Pyramid at Giza and the Giant Statue known as The Sphinx. She is considered a modern nation in an ancient land and considered the most populous country.
Describe the three characters
through a Venn diagram.
1. Why did the wife get jealous of Bata?
2. What did the wife do to get the attention of
Anpu? Do you agree with what she had done? Why so?
3. If you were Bata, what would you do? Do
you agree with him in leaving the house? Why so?
4. If you were Anpu, would you believe your
wife’s explanation?

What problems are faced by the two brothers? Are these problems happening in today‘s world? Using the problem–solution chart, identify the problems and provide solutions to these based on the selection you just read.
Chew on this!
What traditions and beliefs of Egyptians can contribute in shaping you as a Filipino?

What cultural diversity brought unity, peace, and progress?
Egyptian Folktale
Using the plot organizer, enumerate the events in the story by filling in the rectangles.
The Two Brothers
Rising Action
Falling Action
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