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No description

Kanisha Draughon

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of Coraline

Exposition: When Coraline and her family moved into the apartment, Coraline went outside and met Wyborn and the black cat.

Rising Action: Coraline was being noisy and curious and discovered a old black key that opened a door to a world that was a replica of the one she lived in.

Climax: Coraline had found about her other mother and father, as time passed she found out they were evil and wanted to take her soul.

Falling Action: Coraline discovered about the tree lost souls the other mother had kept hostige for a long time. She went on a jorney to find their freedom, and she could go back to her real parents.

Resolution: Coraline had saved the souls, but she had to save her parents. Ske killed the other mother and found her real parents.
My Opinion
I personally think that the movie was better than the book, because it described the characters better. I think that the setting matched with the story very good because it described the mood of the story. The tone was good also. The conclusion of the story was happy because she found her parents and saved the three lost souls.
Why should you read this book?
I recommend you to read this book because it has a very good description of the story, and it gives a clear visual connection or mind setting.
Setting & Characters
The setting took place in a apartment complex called Pink Palace. In other parts of the story it took place in "The Other World." The characters are:
The Three Lost Souls
Other Mother
Other Father
Black Cat
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