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Mastery Connect

No description

Morgan Shepard

on 28 June 2014

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Transcript of Mastery Connect

Mastery Connect is for teachers, teaching coaches, curriculum writers, and administrators. This tool is meant to be used for both independent and collaborative analysis.
We're glad you asked the question! With a partner in the same content, look at the following image and answer these questions together:
How is this tracker organized?
If you were this teacher, what steps might you have taken to cause this?
Are there any concerns? If so, what?
What might be some next steps to addressing these concerns?
How might you benefit from having a tracker similar to this one?

Mastery connect is a tool used to create (and sometimes steal...it's okay) curriculum maps and assessments based on standards specific to your state and school district.
Standards have already been entered into the Mastery Connect platform. When you join, you need only seek the desired standard as you work on the desired product.
Each assessment is connected to the mastery of selected standards.
When assessments are graded, an immediate analysis is populated.
In addition to providing data analysis tools, Mastery Connect functions as social platform for teachers. Members can exchange/share assessments and collaborate with colleagues.
Teachers are able to apply assessment results in real time to maximize student learning.
Resource pins help jump start teacher planning.
Academic teams can share resources, analyze data collectively, and best practices all through Mastery Connect.
Teachers can email assessment scores directly to parents and students.
Standing gradebooks are often compatible with importing scores from Mastery Connect.
Mastery Connect
Morgan Shepard
Integrating media into standards-based curriculum- Johns Hopkins University
By the end of this module, educators will be able to:
Gain a baseline understanding of what Mastery Connect does for teachers and students.
Explore each feature that Mastery Connect offers regarding assessment creation and analysis.
Create a free Mastery Connect Profile.
Explain how or why Mastery Connect has a place in your classroom.
Who can
use Mastery Connect?
Join the

You will also need to download this plugin: downloads.gradecam.com
How can we use Mastery Connect?
It is time! Create your own Mastery Connect Profile.
What might data analysis look like?
Mastery Connect is an assessment tool that:
Identifies students' levels of standards-based proficiency.
Helps instructors target students in need of intervention.
Evaluates learning and teaching.
What are some of the benefits of using Mastery Connect?
In a nutshell...
While this tool is free to
join, please keep in mind that
you or your district must pay
for a membership in order to
enjoy full access to all resources
and opportunities offered by
Mastery Connect.
Check out the plans and pricing link here for more info:
Visit www.masteryconnect.com and click the link that says "join free".
Enter your information and then click "sign up" at the bottom of the page.
Once you get to your home page, you will have the opportunity to edit or update your profile information. Before you do that, take a moment to find five other people in this training or in your school district and follow those individuals.
This should populate your news feed with the most recent resources they have created and shared.
Next, take a moment to search for five grade level and standards appropriate assessments to bookmark. To do this, begin by clicking the "common assessment" along the top menu bar. Adjust your search options as needed by subject and grade level.
When you find an assessment that is of interest to you, click the green bookmark link by that assessment.
Here is an example of what your homepage should look like when you are done:
Eventually you will need enter the names of your students into a tracker.
To do this, click the tab at the top of the page that says "mastery tracker".
On the next page click the link at the top right of the page that says "add tracker." From here you can input the names of your students.
It helps to create each tracker according to the class periods you teach.

Find a partner who works within your content.
Under the assessments tab, begin to create your own four question assessment. (they will do the same)
Once you have created your assessment, add it to one of your trackers, and then print the multiple choice answer sheets for your assessment.
Partners will each complete the assessment of their counterpart.
Once you collect your partner's completed assessment (the one you created), use it to enter into your mastery tracker.
Remember (for the purposes of this practice) to fill in the assigned ID of a student entered into your tracker.
To grade assessments, you select assess in the tab of the assignment.
When using a multiple choice answer sheet, you can elect to use the grade cam feature. Let's try it now. It's super cool!
Turn and talk (one minute):

List one way (or more) that you foresee Mastery Connect being of service to students in your classroom. What will your next steps be?
Helpful Hints and Resources:
Where the camera comes from: www.gradecam.com
Teacher Pinterest: www.masteryconnect.com/pins
Practice curriculum mapping with a teammate: www.masteryconnect.com/curriculum_maps
Confused: support@masteryconnect.com
There's an app for that: MasteryScan (for teachers iPad only) and BubbleSheet (for students)

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MasteryConnect Wants To Give Teachers A Better Way To Track Student Progress. Retrieved from http://techcrunch.com/2013/01/20/with-4-1m-in-new-funding-masteryconnect-wants-to-give-teachers-a-better-way-to-track-student-progress/
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