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The Pony Express

Week 4 Vocabulary for Auburn English Summer School

Mrs. Blanco

on 26 June 2013

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Transcript of The Pony Express

How did The Pony Express affect communication in the American West?
Main Ideas
Life for the Riders
Station Keepers
The End of the Pony Express
The Pony Express-a system of delivering mail in the American West from St. Joseph, Missouri to Sacramento, California.
pony- (plural- ponies) a small horse
rider- person who rides (a horse)
stagecoach-a large carriage pulled by horses that was used in the past to carry passengers and mail along a regular route
by stage – to travel from East to West in a stagecoach
hardy-strong and able to accept difficult or unpleasant conditions
wiry-very thin but strong and muscular
fellows-men, guys
recruit-to persuade (someone) to join you in some activity or to help you
advertisement-something (such as a short film or a written notice) that is presented to the public to help sell a product or to make an announcement
oath- a formal and serious promise to tell the truth or to do something
visualize- to form a mental picture of someone or something.
clarify- to make something easier to understand
mochilla-a Pony Express rider’s mailbag; Spanish for bookbag
saddle- leather covered seat that is put on the back of a horse
outlaw- a person who has broken the law and who is hiding or running away to avoid punishment
outposts- a small town in a place that is far away from other towns or cities
station keeper- person who takes care of Pony Express Station
unsung heroes-people who deserve to be heroes who aren’t famous
humble- not proud, not thinking of yourself as better than other people; also not fancy or special
standby- ready or available for immediate action or use; like a substitute teacher
ingenuity- a clever device or method
swiftly- moving or able to move very fast
telegraph-an old-fashioned system of sending messages over long distances by using wires and electrical signals
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