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Charles Manson

No description

diandra h

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of Charles Manson

Patricia Krenwinkel
Susan Atkins
Met Charles Manson in 1967
Had a kid with him in 1968 named Zezozose Zadfrack Glutz
Moved to The Family's Spahn Ranch in 1969
Agreed to join the cult on August 8th, 1969
Stabbed Voytek Frykowski and held Tate down while she was being stabbed by Tex Watson
Wrote "PIG" with Tate's blood on the door of the residence.
At age 22 was convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to the death penalty (1970).
Leslie Van Houten
Early Years cont.
His mother had a habit of disappearing for days and weeks at a time, leaving Charles with his grandmother or aunt.
Later, she was sentenced to the penitentiary for armed robbery, forcing Charles to move to Virginia with his religious and very strict aunt.

Leading up
Charles was released from prison and given transportation to San Francisco. He was 32 years old and more than half his life had been spent in institutions. He protested his freedom.

Oh no, I can't go outside there... I knew that I couldn't adjust to that world, not after all my life had been spent locked up and where my mind was free. I was content to stay in the penitentiary, just to take my walks around the yard in the sunshine and play my guitar
Early Years
Charles Manson was an unplanned child, born in in Cincinnati, Ohio on November 12th 1934.
His mother was named Kathleen Maddox, who was a sixteen-year-old who drank too much and got into trouble a lot.
Kathleen was briefly married to William Manson who gave his name to Manson.
Charles never knew his father and never had a real father figure.
Charles Manson
First Offenses
When he was nine, he was caught stealing and sent to a reform school and then later when he was twelve.
He was caught stealing again and sent to the Gibault School for Boys in Terre Haunt, Indiana, in 1947. He ran away less than a year later and tried to return to his mother who didn't want him.
At another reform school, Charles committed two armed robberies, just a few days after his arrival.
Teachers described him as having trust in no one and "did good work only for those from whom he figured he could obtain something."
Persons Involved
Described as a "A Spoiled princess from childhood on, was impulsive, easily frustrated, and prone to displays of temper.
Admitted to beating her adopted sister with a shoe.
Least committed to Manson (Of the three)
Helped hold down Rosemary LaBianca while Tex Watson stabbed her to death
November 1969 - Said she admitted to knowing about the murders but denied being a part of it.
Said "I was influenced by the war in Vietnam and TV."
Had three first degree murder trials, first appeared in court in 1976. The re-trial could not reach a verdict. But in 1978 she was convicted of first degree murder.
In prison she accepted that "Being a follower does not excuse."
"Mom was in a cafe one afternoon with me on her lap. The waitress, a would-be mother without a child of her own jokingly told my Mom she'd buy me from her. Mom replied "A pitcher of beer and he's yours.'"
Susan Atkins
Leslie Van Houten
Patricia Krenwinkel
Charles Manson
Charles "Tex" Watson
Was twenty years old when she joined "The Family"
Left behind apartment, job, and money.
Dragged, fought, and stabbed Abigail Folger
Carved "WAR" on Leno LaBianca's stomach
Arrested in Alabama on December 1, 1969
Told police she ran to Alabama because she thought Charles Manson would find her and kill her.
Voluntarily returned to California to stand in trial with the rest of the other defendants.
Told ABC "I wake up every day and know I am a destroyer of life and living with that is the most difficult thing of all. That's what I deserve - to wake up every morning and know that."
Charles "Tex" Watson
Tex was described as "an A student in high school and a sports star. He held a state record in the low hurdles"
Started taking drugs in high school, the other year he dropped out of college and began selling drugs
Joined "The Family" in 1967 and became Manson's right hand man
Al Springer told the police "Just like a college student"... "Kept his mouth shut, and enjoyed working on dune buggies"
1969 Watson became the principle killer in the Tate LaBiancamurders.
Was sentenced to life in prison
Details of the Investigation
Manson and his family were arrested not on suspsion of the murders but simply on the belief that they had vandalized a portion of the Death Valley National Park while they were hiding out in the Mojave Desert
In 1969, the local county sherriff had them in custody not realizing that he had murder suspects on their hands
It was the confessions of Susan Atkins, while held in detention on suspicion of murdering Gary Hinman, the led detectives to realize that Manson and his followers were involved in the Tate/LaBianca killings

Spahn Ranch
Spahn Ranch cont.
The Family's motivation for the killings was Manson's belief about the song
Helker Skelter
by The Beatles was a sign about an apocalyptic war he believed would arise from tension over racial relations between blacks and whites.
The Event That Caused The Murders
Terry Melcher
Dennis Wilson
In 1968, Beach Boy, Dennis Wilson introduced Melcher to ex-con and aspiring musician Charles Manson. Manson and his "family" had been living in Wilson's house after Wilson had picked up the hitchhiking "Family".
Wilson expressed interest in Manson's music and even recorded two of Manson's songs with
The Beach Boys
For a time, Melcher was interested in recording Manson's music as well as making a movie about the family and their hippie commune existence. Manson met Melcher at
10050 Cielo Drive
, the home Melcher shared with his girlfriend.
Manson eventually auditioned for Melcher, but Melcher declined to sign him. (There was still talk of a documentary being made about Manson's music) but Melcher abandoned the project. Both Wilson and Melcher severed their ties with Manson, a move that angered Manson.
The Event That Caused The Murders Cont.
Not long after splitting from Manson, Melcher moved out of the Cielo Drive home.
The house's owner, Rudi Altobelli, then leased it to film director Roman Polanski and his wife, actress Sharon Tate. Manson visited the house asking for Melcher, but was turned away as Melcher had moved.
Abigail Folger
Wojciech Frykowski

Rosemary LaBianca
Steven Parent
Jay Sebring
Donald "Shorty" Shea
Sharon Tate

In Memory of the Manson Victims
Summary of the Manson Murders
Gary Hinman
On July 25th, 1969 word had gotten back to Manson that Gary Hinman had inherited $20,000. He sent the group to Hinman's house to convince Gary to join the family, which included turning over his inheritance and two cars. According to Bobby Beausoleil, the group visited Hinman because Gary had sold him some bad mescaline and Bobby wanted his money back. Whatever the motive was, the conflict lasted 3 days. As soon as he arrived, Manson raised a sword and quickly struck Hinman in the head, slicing Gary's left ear and face. Mary and Susan stitched up his ear with dental floss . It all when Beausoleil finally killed Hinman, stabbing him in the chest twice. Beausoleil then wrote "POLITICAL PIGGY" and drew a pawn print on the wall in Hinman's blood in an attempt to make authorities think the Black Panthers committed the murder.

Donald "Shorty" Shea
Was murdered by the Manson family after allowing them to stay on his farm and called the police on them once he thought the Family was up to no good. The family members took Donald for a ride. A family member struck Shea with a pipe wrench while Tex Watson began stabbing him to death.

Manson told four of his followers to go to 10050 Cielo Drive in Los Angeles and kill the people inside. On August 9, 1969, four of Manson's followers brutally murdered Sharon Tate, her unborn baby, and four others (Steven Parent, Abigail Folger, Wojcliech Frykowski, and Jay Sebring) who were visiting her (Her husband was in Europe for work).

The following night after killing the Tate household, Manson's followers brutally killed Leno and Rosemary LaBianca in their home.
The Trial took place in California, USA, which means the legal system that was used is COMMON LAW.

Manson entered the courtroom on July 25, 1970 with a freshly cut, bloody "X" on his forehead--signifying, he said in a statement, that "I have X'd myself from your world."
Bugliosi (the Prosecutor) in his opening statement for the prosecution, indicated that his "principal witness" would be Linda Kasabian, a Manson Family member who accompanied the killers to both the Tate and LaBianca residences. The prosecution turned to Kasabian, with a promise of prosecutorial immunity for her testimony, when Susan Atkins--probably in response to threats from Manson--announced that she would not testify at the trial. Bugliosi promised the jury that the evidence would show Manson had a motive for the murders that was "perhaps even more bizarre than the murders themselves."

Kasabian told the jury that no Family member ever refused an order from Charles Manson: "We always wanted to do anything and everything for him." She explained what she saw at the murder scenes and explain how she did not take part in any of the murders because she was not a violent person.
Testimony corroborating that of Kasabian came from several other prosecution witnesses, most notably the woman Atkins confided in at Dormitory 8000, Virginia Graham. Other witnesses described receiving threats from Manson, evidence of Manson's total control over the lives of family members, or conversations in which Manson had told of the coming Helter Skelter.
Trial cont.
The Decision
January 25th, 1971, Manson was convicted of first degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder
March 29th, 1971 was sentenced to death.
The death sentences imposed by the Tate-LaBianca jury would never be imposed, because a California Supreme Court ruling in 1972 declaring the state's death penalty law unconstitutional.
The death sentences for Manson, and the three convicted defendants, as well as for Tex Watson who had been convicted and sentenced to death in a separate trial in 1971, were commuted to life in prison. All five currently remain in prison in California.
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