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Copy of Copy of What is Culture?

No description

Leslie Gilbert

on 13 September 2016

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of What is Culture?

What is Culture?
A brief overview of some need to know terms.
Watch this clip and jot down some notes in your guided notes cultural unit launch handout:

What is culture?
Out of all the cultures listed in the article, which culture are you most closely aligned with if you had to choose? (feel free to write in your own culture if it is not listed here)

List what some indicators of culture are...
Cultural Terms to Know: continue to follow the instructions on your guided handout
Read this article (you can zoom in and out using your mouse or click on the live link at the beginning.
Note to students: IT IS USUALLY NOT A
GOOD thing to be ethnocentric!
If you think one culture is better
than the other it could lead to
terrible atrocities!
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