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Like Water For Chocolate

No description

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Like Water For Chocolate

being held back

"...who knows what would have happened between Pedro and Tita; perhaps Pedro would have ended up tirelessly caressing the breasts...but unfortunately that was not to be."
What would you do?
"I know who I am! A person
who has perfect right to
live her life as she pleases.
Once and for all leave me
alone; I won’t put up with
you! I hate you, I’ve always
hated you!"
Laura Esquivel argues that
in an overly strict environment peoples feelings of passion can be held back which can only lead to rebellion.

“Tita, for her part, was trying to
shout to Pedro to wait for her, to take her away with him, far away where they’d be allowed to love each other, where there
were no rules to keep
them apart, where there
was no Mama-but
no a single sound came
out of her mouth.”
Overly Strict

"If he intends to ask for your hand, tell him not to bother. He’ll be wasting his time and mine too. You know perfectly well that being the youngest daughter means you have to take care of me until the day
I die."
"Mama Elena went to
her, picked up a wooden
spoon, and smashed her
across the face with it...
Mama Elena ordered them
to remove the ladder and
let her stay up there
outside alone
Broken Nose
Her only happiness

Resist temptation
Abused &
“There were many things
she needed to work out
...she could not find the
words to express the feelings seething inside her...She was badly shaken.”
effect of impact
The help
"And I'm going to break with it [tradition] several more times if I have to... you had no right to stand between two people who were deeply in love.
"Pedro and Tita broken the pact; it wasn't fair. It wasn't the first time they have argued about Esperanza."
it also

"Like water for
boiling point
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