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Week 5 Lesson 1: Theme in This Boy's Life

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Liam Brooks

on 28 February 2017

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Transcript of Week 5 Lesson 1: Theme in This Boy's Life

Prompt: The theme of the importance of the family unit in a child’s development.

• How is this shown in TBL?
• Why is it a key theme?
• Who demonstrates this as a key theme?
• Impacts/Results of this theme?
• Evidence (Scenes? Events? Quotes?)
To explore
This Boy's Life.

Students will be able to
themes and
them through key
in the text (scenes, events, quotes).
Week 5 Lesson 1:
This Boy's Life

5-Minute Quick Write
is defined as a
main idea
or an
underlying meaning
of a literary work.

A theme often suggests something about
and they way in which people could or should live.

May be stated directly or indirectly.
What are

Morality, justice and revenge
The corrupting nature of power
Family relationships
The individual versus society (individuality and conformity)
Rights and responsibilities
The loss of innocence
The responsibilities of leadership
Honour and duty
Fate and free will
Common themes in literature
1. Working in pairs.

2. Come up with a list of
three to five
themes in TBL.

3. We have 3 minutes.

4. Discussion to follow.
Themes in This Boy's Life
Search for identity
Desire to belong
Lies and truth (deception and betrayal)
Power and disempowerment
Rites of passage
Loss of innocence
Escapism (dreams vs reality)
Self-respect and guilt
Themes in
This Boy's Life

Themes are linked to
views and values

Authors raise themes (big ideas).

But they also take a position on how we should respond to these big ideas.

They do this by exploring
views and values

: Opinions, ideas and perspectives on particular issues (incidental, temporary).

: Core beliefs and principles by which we live (essential, permanent, deeply-held)
Activity: Brainstorming
then linking them to
1. Working individually.

2. Complete the two table activities. The first one asks you to explore views and values. The second asks you to link these views and values to themes. Dot points are fine.

3. Use the handout on key themes in
This Boy's Life
to help you if need be.

4. We have 35 minutes.

5. Discussion to follow.
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