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No description

cheyenne haney

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of PHOTOGRAPHY

PHOTOGRAPHY Job Description Photographers combine artistic talent and technical skills to create professional pictures.
They are highly skilled in using lights, cameras and lenses. There are multiple different kinds of photographers, some take portraits and wedding pictures. While others may take scientific pictures under the microscope. Masters of Fine Arts The MFA degree provides advanced study for students
pursuing a career in Photography. Studio courses
focus on the techniques necessary to develop and
master technical skills as well as a high level of
concept and critical thinking. Graduate Liberal Arts
courses promote the expression of ideas and effective
communication utilizing visual, oral and written
presentation skills. The program culminates with an
independent Thesis Project. Students will graduate from the program equipped with a portfolio of work and prepared for professional opportunities in the field of Photography. I chose Photography because I absolutely love the way photographers are able to capture the most beautiful pictures of landscape or peoples expressions. I think photography would be an amazing job. I have multiple friends who have those big fancy cameras and they are able to
capture the emotion of people or the beauty of the landscape and I LOVE it! Why Photography? Memrical officially began in 2009
Not only does Memrical take pictures of your wedding day but they will also provide decorations
In 2011 they had a contest called Volunteer for Vows, couples that entered had to give to charity and if they won, they were given $50,000 for their wedding Memrical I still would absolutely love to be a photographer
I love the idea of capturing pictures of once in a life time moments and pictures of how happy people are. I think photography is a wonderful thing.
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