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Joshua portfolio

No description

joshua eecegovic

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of Joshua portfolio

My Portfolios
i my name is Joshua I am in Miss Ahuja class.

I like games as The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time. And The Legend of Zelda Majora's mask. The main characters is Link, Zelda and all his friends. So I like bowling and archery. I am a student at Great Lakes. I have a brother he is 14
and in 10 his grade.
Captain Sparklez
Hi I am Joshua I am in grade 6.
Sequencing Paragraphs
How To Make Veel!

To make veel first you need to by veel second you need to have flower, egg and breadcrumb. You need dip the veel in flower then egg and breadcrumb. Third to cook it a fryer. With salad or bred and anything you like!
In empower reading we are learning rhyming strategy and the sounding out strategy.
Star Of The Week
The Wolf Vampire Skeleton Attacks

A wolf howl a skeleton bones crack. In the forest of blood. Amy walks into a wolf skeleton. The wolf skeleton move towards Amy she scream HELP MY! Wolf skeleton tour into a bat and fly's a way! Amy runs back home. The moonlight shows a zombie creepy with wings and crashes through the window in Amy's room and tour into a wolf skeleton and walks out of the room and howl what a bum rap and a Jeremiah crash through the roof with an axe and two swords and kills the wolf skeleton!?

The End By Joshua
I have the best teacher ever! The art work we do is fun. Our teacher is nice like you never seen before!
Ipad are fun to play games on we used the ipads for research.
New Words I Learned To Spell
Words I did not know
before, chess, dock, found, mask.

My Friends
Being star of the week is fun and surprising.

Wonder is a book about a boy name August. August has a sister named Via August's best friends names are Christopher, Alex and Zachary. But they moved. Mom is trying to get August in to a school. The name of his school is Beecher Prep. The principal Mr. Tushman. His dad calls Mr. Tushman a bum rap. It's funny. August's teacher name is Ms. Petosa. The people who talk to August on the tour. Their names are Charlotte,Jack will and Julian. Julian is not nice to August he said, were you in a fire or two that is not nice at all.

My Opinion

My opinion is that August is sad because he thinks differently and people stare at him. He thinks that hes different but hes not different he looks like every body also he is harassed by people and people make fun of August and it is not nice at all. That's why August doesn't like be called names.
This my friend Brandon
My Descriptive Writing
Descriptive Writing


Hi my name is Joshua let my tell you about my house. The front of my house his an oak tree a big rock blue garage doors ,a screen door my door is blue two gate. My bricks cooler grey the shiny are black near the door is two gardens. There is a big howl on the left . My backyard has a pool the pool is 15 feet deep your BBQ is charcoal and gas. There is no grass we have a hot tub. We have 3 floors. My first floor has 1bathroom an office a kitchen living room the garage. The upper floor 3 bed rooms 2 bathroom a living room the man cave. That is my house.
By Joshua
Text types for fun and all but it is not fun when our parnter is not helping at all not FUN kids.
social studies
Science we are do food chain and in social studies we do a Aboriginal people.
My Goals
My goals are to learn to be better in writing, reading, paying attention and that is what my goals are.
I see it is a black bears, climbing,
I know it is a
black bears.
I know it is
I know it is in
a forest.
I know it is
I can Infer that it is a black bears. I can Infer that it is climbing. I can Infer that it is in a forest.
Born on February 4 , 1913 and died on October 24 , 2005 at the aged 92. December 4 the bus boycott over 35,000 people Rosa Packs way $10 and 4 more Rosa Packs is a naacp.
Born January 15,1929 and died April 4 1968 aged 39.I have a dream speech. He changed the
Born in 1820 and died in 1913. Aged 93. Harriet Tubman is know around the world for the underground railroad freed 700 slaves.
Black History
Rosa parks
Martin Luther King Jr.
Harriet Tubman
Day of Pink
It is a great responsibility to be a part of this day it is about be nice to gays and not make fun of them.
Famous People
Michael Jackson

Hi name is Joshua. I am telling you about Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson was born on August 29,1958 in Gardening. Died on June 25, 2009. Michael Jackson is famous of his music. Michael Jackson mother name Katherine Jackson his father's name is Joe Jackson. His brother name is Jackie and sitter name is Rabble. That is all that I know.
Brave story

Let me tell you a story about me friend. One day I was at my friends house and his sister has a bee allergy. We were outside playing when we spotted a bee hive. We saw it because we were playing ball and the ball went over where the hive was. When we went to get the ball over. I screamed to Tamara to run the other way and I got stung by the bee.
Dance performance
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