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The Erruption of Mount. Vesuvius

No description

Darcy Amiss

on 21 June 2017

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Transcript of The Erruption of Mount. Vesuvius

The Erruption of Mount. Vesuvius
By Darcy Amiss & Tabitha Yull
When did Mount Vesuvius errupt?
Mount Vesuvius errupted on the 24th August 79AD.

It propelled a 10 mile mushroom cloud of ash and pumice into the stratosphere.

Volcanic ash and a hail of pumice stones forced the cities occupants to leave.
Thank you for listening to our presentation! We now have a treat for you! :)
What happened?
The Westerly wind protected Herculanium from the intial stage of the erruption.

Shortly after midnight, a wall of volcanic mud engulfed the town of Herculanium obliterating the town, as its citizens fled towards Pompeii.

At 6:30am the following morning a glowing cloud of volcanic gases and debris rolled down Vesuvius' slopes and enveloped the city of Pompeii.
Vesuvius' Erruption
Below we have a short clip outlining Vesuvius' eruption:

10 Facts about Vesuvius
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