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The Influence of Neighboring Cultures on Japan

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yeiri zavala

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of The Influence of Neighboring Cultures on Japan

japanese rulers adopted new ideas about government from china ,china form of government was similar to japans.chienese emperors ruled with the help of a bureaucracy of government officials .During the eight centruis japanese rulers adopted chinese style of government .Borrowing ideas , the prince created a set of ranks of government officials .
The earliest literature works in japan most poems that date from the seventh and eighth centruis .japanese poets developed a form of poetry called Tanka it was modeled after chinese poetry .The poems we there often voted to the love and the beauty to nature . tanka is based on having a set numbers of syllabubs in each line of a poem .
City Design

With a strong central government and a large bureaucracy japan needed a new capital city ,in 710 the imperial government built a chineses style capital on the sita of a modern city of Nara .the new city was smaller version of china's capital.There was one difference between the two capitals chang'an was sorrounded by a wall as a protection against enemies and nara did not have a wall.

Like Buddhism techniques and subjects of sculpture came to japan from Korea and china and like Buddhism these sculptural ideas began their journey in India .sculptures have been found around burial mounds that date to the fourth and fith century .These sculpture are clay figures of armored warriors , saddled horses,robed ladies ,and objects like houses and boats.they were probably meant to accompany or protect the dead.in the middle of the 6Th century chinese and Korean immigrants created most of japans religions arts,japanese artist learned new techniques from chinese .
Naras Buddhist temples were another result of cultural diffusion.Buddism began in India in the 500’s BCE . About 1,00 years later it came to japan from china by way of Korea . Japans original religion was shinto.instead of emphasizing a code of morality Shinto stresses purifying whatever is unclean .Buddhist see life as full of pain and suffering .

Japans native music consisted of chanted poems , war songs,folk songs,and Shinto prayers.They were all recited using just a few notes.The japanese imported music from the rest of Asia , especially china .Gagaku was a form of chinese court music .
Ancient japanese was only a spoken language . The japanese had no writting system of their own .Japanese adopted chicness characters(symbols) to write their own language .In 900 the Japanese invented kana this way of witting used simplified chinese characters to stand for syllabuls in japanese words.
Influence on Japan
yeiri zavala

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