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Color Wheel Art Basics

No description

Cynthia and Jose Rodriguez

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Color Wheel Art Basics

Color Wheel Art Basics
Primary Colors can not be made by mixing any color together. Red, Yellow and Blue are 'pure colors' and are used to mix every other color known to man. Yes, every color.
Studies say that blue makes you feel creative and yellow makes you hopeful, red is for active focus, green is about growth energy, purple is comfort and fortune and and orange feels exciting.
A Color Wheel can help guide you through the color process. Do you want to choose colors close together, called analogous, or across from each other, called complimentary? This basic design was created by Sir Isaac Newton in 1666.
Primary colors are Red, Yellow and Blue.
They make a triangle shape on the Color Wheel.
Purple, Orange and Green are called secondary colors. You mix equal parts of 2 primary colors together to get a secondary color.
Red and Yellow make Orange,
Blue and Yellow make Green,
Blue and Red make Purple.
The Tertiary colors are a blend of Primary and Secondary in equal parts.
Red and orange make red orange, red and purple blend to red purple, and so forth. You can see the simple reasoning behind these compound names with the primary color listed first and the secondary color listed second. Clearly, the catchy names have become elementary favorites. Tertiary colors are red orange, yellow orange, red purple, blue purple, yellow green and blue green.
Tertiary Colors
COLOR...what does it mean to you?
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