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Civics Culminating Assignment

“The statement "I am Canadian" has different meanings to different peoples. What does it mean to "be Canadian" today, and what would you like it to mean in the future?”

Benjamin Rudolph

on 29 March 2013

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Transcript of Civics Culminating Assignment

CANADA The statement "I am Canadian" has different meanings to different peoples. What does it mean to "be Canadian" today, and what would you like it to mean in the future? This is an ad campaign run by Molson Canadian, highlighting what a "Canadian" is: Canada Today Introduction: Being Canadian makes you one of the
most blessed and lucky people in the
world... But what does "being" Canadian
mean, and what could it mean in the future? Impressions of being Canadian EH?! We live in igloos? We all dress like this? Being Canadian means... Living in the second largest country landmass... Geography with magnificent landscapes... Being Canadian means... speaking both English... and French... Being Canadian means... Of Canada's 34 million people, 6 million are immigrants. Being Canadian means we are dependent on immigrants for growth. living in a multicultural society... Being Canadian means... being a part of a constitutional monarchy... living in a democracy, where we the people
choose who governs us... Sovereign- Queen Elizabeth II Governor General- David Johnson Prime Minister- Stephen Harper having three levels of government... Federal- Parliament Buildings, Ottawa Provincial- Queen's Park, Toronto Municipal- City Hall, Hamilton Government Being Canadian means... having access to public education, free of charge... required schooling from 5-18
government pays through taxes Being Canadian means... having universal health care plans, that cover you no matter how rich or poor you are... being provided with...
medical treatments
primary physicians
hospital visits Culture being Canadian means... watching, cheering, and playing hockey... listening to Canadian musicians...
even Justin Bieber... being Canadian means... eating beavertails... don't forget poutine... classic maple syrup... and of course, Tim Horton's coffee... creating works of art, using many media... Being Canadian means... having RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS having fundamental freedoms... the right to practice any religion, or none at all
the right to speak our mind
the right for the media to have freedom of the press having democratic rights... Canadian citizens have the right to vote in elections for Members of Parliament and MPPs in Provincial/Territorial elections, Municipal Councils, and to seek election themselves. having mobility rights... Canadians can leave, enter, or remain in the country because of their mobility rights. Being Canadian also allows you to live in one province, and work in another. having legal rights... Canadians are protected when charged with a criminal offence. They are innocent until proven guilty. They are protected against unreasonable searches and seizures. We must be told we are arrested, and once arrested we have rights too. to be told promptly of the offence,
to be tried within a reasonable time,
not to be compelled to testify at your own trial,
to be presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal,
not to be denied reasonable bail without cause,
not to be subjected to any cruel and unusual punishment,
to be tried by a jury for serious charges, and
not to be tried or punished twice for the same offence. having equality rights... Being Canadians means you are equal before the law, no matter your race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age, or mental or physical disability Being Canadian means... having challenges... While there are many benefits to being Canadian, there are also Challenges... being Canadian means facing the challenge of how to develop sustainably... having the challenge of a diminishing international stature; the switch from peacekeepers, to peacemakers, the loss of UN Security Council bid, and cuts to international aid. Canada Tomorrow being Canadian used to mean being at the cutting edge of resolving international affairs... ...but it is no longer so today. In the future, being Canadian should be a respected and respectful player on the international front... Previously, Canada has responded very well and effectively to international security issues. Between 1956 and the late 1980’s Canada took part in every UN peacekeeping mission. Lester B. Pearson was vital in resolving the Suez Canal crisis... and Romeo Dallaire's selflessness helped save millions of innocent lives in the Rwanda Genocide... In the future, we need to rekindle our leadership and "peacekeeping" ways... Being Canadian is great, however, there are challenges. There are two main ways I would like to see "being Canadian" change in the future... 1 2 returning to the pinnacle of international affairs... having an economy that welcomes renewable energy, embraces lowering our ecological footprint, and other sustainable initiatives Currently... we, Canadians are not doing enough... ...being Canadian used to mean being "peacekeepers", however, with our activity in Afghanistan, we are now viewed as "peacemakers" or even combatants... In a recent article in the Globe and Mail, former Prime Minister Jean Chretien criticized Prime Minister Stephen Harper for losing Canada’s seat on the UN Security Council and questioned the Conservative government’s commitment to the international body.... Not only does Canada need to be active in the UN, but it needs to offer more assistance to some of the world’s poorest countries... ...we are closing embassies in Africa when that continent’s economy is growing yet its people are among the neediest... In the current budget, the government is cutting foreign aid by $319-million, reducing or eliminating direct foreign aid to 14 countries. Furthermore, Canadians have refused to contribute to the $430 billion IMF contingency fund to support EU members. Why should being Canadian mean this in the future?... being Canadian is the luckiest thing in the world. We are fortunate to be in a developed nation where basic needs are met and fundamental rights are provided to us... Unfortunately, many are not provided these basic necessities and rights in other nations. Being Canadian means being blessed, so in the future, we should help others, who are less fortunate in any way possible...
This is the right thing to do morally and will improve Canada's global citizenship and international stature. As a side benefit, it will also improve our economy. In the future being Canadian... ...should mean having an economy that supports renewable energy, embraces lowering our ecological footprint, and other sustainable initiatives Renewable energy on display above include wind turbines and solar panels Currently, we are stuck in a rut... ...we, Canadians think that we have to choose between... environment... economy... In the future being Canadian should mean not having to choose, because they will be integrated... Why should being Canadian mean this in the future?... The benefits of having such an economy will be significant: Energy Diversification Having energy from multiple sources mean you are less reliant if one source becomes unavailable or too costly... Reduces Input and Externality Costs This reduction of costs will make Canadian companies more cost competitive and Canadians and their environment healthier. Ultimately... This type of economy will benefit the greater good of the planet and place Canadians on the forefront of environmental technology and process, manufacture and export. Some Companies and Municipalities have already embraced such integration... Walmart: Walmart is the largest green power generator in North America. The Company has used cutting-edge technology – such as solar, wind energy, biodiesel generators and fuel cells to reduce their footprint, citing that it will "ensure a cleaner environment, while saving our customers money". City of Guelph: The City of Guelph has also embraced such an ideal. They are working to have sustainability by:
"using less energy in 25 years than we do today"
"consuming less energy per capita than comparable Canadian cities"
"producing less greenhouse gas per capita than the current global average" Embracing this economy has many benefits that you will learn about next! In Conclusion... In conclusion, being a Canadian can mean whatever one wants it to - being Canadian is a sense of place, culture, impressions, and values. Everything about being a Canadian is great, and those who are lucky enough to be one are blessed. This blessing, however, bestows us with responsibilities; the responsibilities that are currently not being met to the extent that they could be. We are lucky enough to be in a country that is filled with the beauties of nature, so in the future we need an economy that protects such beauties and the fundamental essentials of life. We are fortunate enough to be provided with basic necessities and rights, so in the future, we must help other peoples, both at home, and in other countries, that do not possess the same. These future tasks, in combination with the 'pieces' already in place, will make the great "being Canadian" puzzle even greater! Civics Culminating Assignment By Benjamin Rudolph RCMP Map of Canada Picture of Rocky Mountains Canadian Passport Elections Canada Logo
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