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Thirteen Reasons Why

No description

Alexandra Son

on 17 November 2014

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Transcript of Thirteen Reasons Why

Justin Foley
Jessica Davis
Tyler Down
Alex Standal
Thirteen Reasons Why
Courtney Crimson
Marcus Cooley
Zach Dempsy
"Every single event documented here may never have happened had you, Alex, not written my name on that list. It's that simple."
"A rumor based on a kiss ruined a memory that I hoped would be special. A rumor based on a kiss started a reputation that people believed in and reacted to."
"It might not seem like a big deal to you, Zach. But now, I hope you understand. I needed those notes. I needed any hope those notes might have offered."
Ryan Shaver
"It was never a lost poem, Ryan. And you never found it, so it did not belong in your collection."
Clay Jensen
Jenny Kurtz
"That tiny scar you've all seen above my eyebrow, that's the shape of Jessica's fingernail… which I plucked out myself."
Bryce Walker
Mr. Porter
"That's why you did it. You wanted your world to collapse around you. You wanted everything to get as dark as possible. And Bryce, you knew, could help you do that." -Clay
"He's letting me go."
"I wanted people to trust me, despite anything they'd heard. And if I wanted people to treat me that way, then I had to do the same for them, right?"
BFF <3
"For Jessica, it was easier to think of me as Bad Hannah than as the Hannah she got to know at Monet's. It was easier to accept. Easier to understand. For her, the rumors needed to be true."
"But now it's too late. And that's why at this moment I feel so much hate. Toward myself. I deserve to be on this list. Because if I hadn't been so afraid of everyone else, I might have told Hannah that someone cared." -Clay
"Nobody obeys Stop signs anyway. They just roll on through. So now, because there isn't one, it's legal. See, people will thank me." - Jenny K
"I hope you're ready, because I'm about to tell you the story of my life. More specifically, why my life ended. And if you're listening to these tapes, you're one of the reasons why."
"I don't belong on those tapes. Hannah just wanted an excuse to kill herself." -Marcus C
"Hello, boys and girls, Hannah Baker here"
"I guess that's the point of it all. No one knows for certain how much impact they have on the lives of other people. Oftentimes, we have no clue. Yet we push it just the same."
a Valentine's Day gone terribly wrong.
It stays forever
"Clay, honey, your name does not belong on this list"
...What went wrong?
Who's hot, who's not?
Who doesn't love Courtney? Well, Hannah, for one.
"Why Zach, why?"
"This isn't fair. If Zach had any idea what Hannah was going though, I'm sure he wouldn't have stolen her notes." -Clay
"We're all to blame, at least a little."
Standal, Alexander
Cooley, Marcus
selfish b*otch
"No return engagements. No encore. And this time, absolutely no requests."
"No one knew who caused it. Not us. Not the police.
But Jenny knew. And Hannah. And maybe Jenny's parents, because someone fixed her bumper real fast." -Clay
"Tyler, wherever you are, I am so sorry. You deserve this, but I'm sorry."
"What makes us so different from him?"

"Nothing. It's ridiculous . I don't belong on those tapes. Hannah just wanted an excuse to kill herself."
Older and Not-So-Wiser
Hannah Baker
Justin is a year older than Hannah, is her first real crush and her first kiss. He also is, at least as far as Hannah knows, where the rumors about her being a "slut" started.
Two years later, Justin allowed, according to Hannah, Bryce Walker to have sex with Jessica Davis while she was drunk and unconscious. Hannah blames Justin and herself for not stopping it when they both could and should have.
one messed up relationship
Mr. Porter is the twelfth and final person on Hannah's list. His 'crime' is failing to get help for Hannah. It was clearly his mistake not contacting professional help, or at the least, her parents, when she admits to him that she is suicidal. He could have at least tried, but he didn't.
ew, Bryce. Ugh
"For everyone listening, let me be clear. I did not say no or push his hand away. All I did was turn my head, clench my teeth, and fight back tears. And he saw that. He even told me to relax."
"I was just using you, so I could let go of me completely"
I meet your eyes
you don't even see me
You hardly respond
when I whisper hello
Could be my soul mate
two kindred spirits
Maybe we're not
I guess we'll never know
My own mother
you carried me in you
Now you see nothing
but what I wear
People ask you
how I am doing
You smile and nod
don't let it end there
Put me underneath God's sky and know me
don't just see me with your eyes
Take away
this mask of flesh and bone and
see me
for my soul
"Having sex with the worst person she knows just a week after she turns away the guy she really cares about is murder on Hannah's fragile self-esteem. She has officially become her own worst enemy."
A drunk Jenny offers Hannah a ride. During the ride, Jenny bumps into a STOP sign, causing it to fall. Hannah learns later that just after this, there was a car accident at the site, resulting in an innocent death. Hannah blames Jenny for not reporting the hazard; Jenny was more worried about getting in trouble than people possibly getting hurt.
"Jenny is just one more example of someone who seems nice on the outside but turns out to seriously lack consideration for others."
Hannah pushes Zach away when he tries to help her at Rosie's. However, then Zach steals Hannah's notes of compliments from her Peer Communications class. To Hannah, who has basically zero self esteem left, the notes are the only way to know that someone cares about her. Hannah confronts Zach about this matter, and Zach just walks away. I suppose that this just added to her feeling that everyone thinks she's worthless, causing more damage to her poor unfortunate soul.
Alex is on her list because he put her on a list. A Who's Hot Who's Not list, to be exact. She the "Best Ass in the Freshman Class". This opens her up to more rumors, and some unwanted sexual advances, and even direct physical violence(Jessica).
"people change when they see your name on a stupid list"
"Alex's list was a joke. A bad one, true. But he had no idea it would affect her like this. This isn't fair"
"Alex's list was a joke. A bad one, true. But he had no idea it would affect her like this. This isn't fair"
-Clay J
Eisenhower Park
"Romeo, oh Romeo. Wherefore art though, Romeo."
Clay Jensen is a nice guy going through something that is probably the toughest time of his life. We are instantly drawn to him; we feel bad about all that he's going through and we want to see things get better for him. He maintains his good-guy status by actually changing in a positive way after listening to Hannah's tapes; he reaches out to another 'Soul Alone', and perhaps stops another tragic death. Good job Clay, we're proud of you.
Courtney betrays Hannah's trust by spreading a rumor about how Hannah keeps sex toys in her dresser. She also then uses Hannah as a chauffeur to a party, and well, surprise surprise, spreads more stories about her. Maybe her heart isn't as beautiful as her face.
"With every side of every tape, an old memory gets turned upside down. A reputation twists into something I don't recognize."
Peeping Tom Tyler
It's not
Help me
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