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Roarin' Twenties

No description

Shelby Wright

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Roarin' Twenties

The Roaring Twenties What Made the 1920's Roaring? The 1920's was called the Roaring
20's because of all the excitement
and the new inventions. Social Changes - After women had freedom,
flappers became a big part of
their lives.

- People started buying the
same goods, doing the same
dances and learning the same
things. Political Changes - Women got the right to vote
- The stock market crashed in 97'
- A rebirth of the KKK Economic Changes The pop
up toaster was invented in 1928 the PEZ
in the 1920s. the band aid was

invented in 1921 sliced
in 1928 -The U.S was in a lot
of debt because of
just ending the war.
- The stock market
crash of 97' changed
the money status for
a lot of people Thomas
was a
very well
inventor Henry Ford
was the first man
to make the
assembly line and
mass-produce cars. Elizabeth
was one
of the many
who fought
for the
women to
have equal
rights Prezi by:

Shelby Wright
Madison Sensenig
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