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Population Growth and Limiting Factors

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William Masse

on 30 September 2016

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Transcript of Population Growth and Limiting Factors

Key Point 1: Populations grow exponentially.
Population - A group of individuals that belong to the same species and live in the same area.
Populations grow Exponentially... which means the larger a population gets the faster it will grow.
When population data is graphed it creates the following shape.
We call this a "J" shaped curve.
Key Point 2: The growth of populations are limited by certain factors.
Key Point 3: Limiting factors create a "carrying capacity"
Real populations don't continuously grow larger and larger.

Why not?
Limiting Factors!
Ecosystems can only "hold" so much.
What are some things that limit the growth of a population?
Natural Disasters/Weather/Climate
One factor will almost always limit a population from growing.
This means that an ecosystem can only hold so many members of a population.
We call this limit the "Carrying Capacity"
Populations will grow exponentially until they reach their carrying capacity.
We call this type of growth (one that grows exponentially, slows when it reaches a carrying capacity) LOGISTIC GROWTH.
Almost all populations grow logistically.
This is also called an S shaped curve.
Topic: Population Growth and Limiting Factors.

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