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Charles Parker

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of 德普新源公司简介

Source: NDRC statistics 2010 如何制造可再生能源? 垃圾再利用 从碳循中捕捉能源 可靠的能源 燃料收集 Treating the power plant design and acquisition and ongoing operation as a whole solution, and not as individual projects. From the planning stage we will help you consider all aspects of the total solution, from fuel logistics to ongoing maintenance 整体解决方案—走向成熟 整体解决方案 燃料量 金融支持 中国模式V.S整体解决方案 Lower the costs of acquisition and ongoing operation Lower the risks of building a biomass power plant Increase the certainty of the design, the build quality and the operation Lower costs Lower risk Increase certainty The world’s first straw-fired power plant in Rudkobing. Technology is still in use today. DP CleanTech was founded
Dual hub headquarters in Denmark and China
~500 employees - multicultural, professional, committed
Manufacturing facilities in Denmark, Poland DPCT completed China’s first biomass power plant in ShanXian Group Structure 1990 2004 2006 2007 DP CleanTech acquired Boiler Works A/S in Denmark and Poland 2009 DP CleanTech acquired Bioener in Denmark 2011 2010 2012 DP CleanTech global expansion
Manufacturing expansion in Poland. Expansion into UK and Thailand Expansion into India and Philippines 中国模式往往忽略
整体解决方案的重要性 分布式提供 EPC承包商提供服 A 30 MW Power Plant require 600 T/Day – 200 000 T/Y Biomass Cost-Structure Locations and Coverage DP solution What do
our customers
need? End to End Solutions The total solution approach Locations and Coverage Group Structure History 全球先的可再生能源公司
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