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No description

Jill Clark

on 15 August 2014

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Transcript of Frindle

Mrs. Granger's 5th grade class
Nick Allen
Mrs. Granger
Nick's mom and dad
Judy Morgan
Bud Lawrence
Main Characters
Grumpy old teacher
Rule follower
Tries to teach a lesson
Doesn't expect the things that happened
Nick Allen
Main character
Has a great imagination
Has lots of friends
He is smart.
Nick is a fun kid.
by: Carson Hensley
Nick's mom and dad
They are good arguers
They are good parents
Judy Morgan
She is a nice lady
Is a great reporter
Works for the Westfield Gazette

Bud Lawrence
Bought first Dairy Queen in state
He made his money on fast food restourants
Is a rich man
Story line
Story line #1
Nick got in trouble from Mrs. Granger, and had to do a assignment over the dictionary.
Story line #2
Nick and a friend, Janet, were going to their bus stop. Then, Janet found a pen, but she dropped the pen. Nick picked it up and called it frindle. That was Nick's big idea!
Story line #3
Nick and his buddies used the word frindle to get back at Mrs.Granger for making him do a project over the dictionary, and to consume time in class.
Story line#4
The whole school started using the word frindle, but whoever used it had to right sentences.
Story line #5
Then, the principal came over to Nick's house. She looked like a football player. Then, they talked about if its right or wrong to say the word frindle. It was like a chest match but Nick's parents were winning. They decided that it was just a silly word. After she left, his parents got on to him about disrupting class.
Story Line#6
Judy wrote an article in The Westfield Gazette. The word frindle really started to grow after that.
Story Line#7

Bud Lawerence read the article in the newspaper. He decided to trade mark the word frindle and make some money.
Story line#8
Alice Lunderson's CBS News station covers the story behind the word frindle. Then, Nick gets asked to be on the Late Show with David Letterman, 3-2-1 Contact, and People magazine.
Story Line #9
Nick grows up and goes to college. Then, he gets a letter from Mrs. Granger. It was about how proud she was for him. She was proud of him for dealing with a hard situation. Finally, he got the word in the dictionary.
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