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Prophet Ayoub (A)

No description

Hamza Khalid

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of Prophet Ayoub (A)

Hadith 1
The Prophet said, "While Job was naked, taking a bath, a swarm of gold locusts fell on him and he started collecting them in his garment. His Lord called him, 'O Job! Have I not made you rich enough to need what you see? He said, 'Yes, O Lord! But I cannot dispense with your Blessing."'
Sahih Bukhari (Volume 4 Book 55 Number 604)
Quranic References for Prophet Ayoub
41: And remember Our servant Job: when he cried to his Lord: “Behold, Satan has afflicted me with much hardship and suffering.”
42: (We commanded him): “Stamp your foot on earth, and here is cool water to wash with and to drink.”
43: And We granted to him his family and also the like of them, as a mercy from Us, and as a reminder to people of understanding,
44: (and We said to him): “Take in your hand a bundle of rushes and strike with it, and do not break your oath.” Indeed We found him steadfast. How excellent a servant (of Ours) he was. Indeed he constantly turned (to his Lord).
The Soccer Field of Tafseer: Prophet Ayoub (A)
Ayoub (A) was leading a happy life, but he was plagued with many things like skin disease, loss of property, abandonment of loved ones, and loss of wealth. Prophet Ayoub (A) was worried that his faith in Allah would weaken and he would start to be ungrateful. Ayoub (A) was afraid that Shaytan would put these temptations in his heart, so he made his dua, "I have been afflicted with the disease, and Thou art most Merciful." Allah (SWT) answered his prayers and told him to, "Stamp your foot on earth, and here is cool water to wash with and to drink.” Ayoub (A) struck the ground with his foot and a spring came forth. He bathed and drank from it and was cured. He was also given his family back and was granted even more children. While Ayoub (A) was sick he was very mad at someone and swore to whip them a certain number of times. When he was cured Allah told him that he must fulfill his promise, but Ayoub (A) was extremely confused as he was stuck between a rock and a hard place. Allah (SWT) made it easier for him and told him to take a broom and count the number of bristles until it matched the number of times he said he would whp the person.He was then told to hit the person with it and therefore fulfilled his promise.
(21:83) And We had given Job the same (blessing of wisdom and knowledge). Remember when he invoked his Lord, saying, "I have been afflicted with the disease, and Thou art most Merciful. "
(21:84) We heard his prayer and relieved him of his affliction and gave him back not only those of his family but also as many more with them as a favour from Us so that it may serve as a reminder to Our worshippers.
Thanks for Watching and Happy New Year!
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