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Cycles Approach to Phonological Patterns

Summary of Barbra Hodson's Cycles Approach to treating highly unintelligible speech.

Gretchen Williams

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Cycles Approach to Phonological Patterns

Treating Phonological Patterns Cycles Approach Barbara Hodson 1991 Resources Phonemes are a means to an end ...not the end goal.

What is being cycled? ---Everything! What is a cycle?
A set of therapy sessions targeting phonological patterns while quickly rotating through phonemes.
* One cycle will cover all patterns needing remediation
* several phonemes will be used during each pattern
* phonemes change every 60 min of therapy
* patterns will be recycled until they are mastered

Why use cycles?
*NOT elimination of inappropriate patterns
*helps children acquire appropriate phonological patterns

Who are cycles for?
* highly unintelligible children *>3
2 Syllable Words (60 min) 5 target words
3 Syllable Words (60 min) 5 target words

Final Consonant Deletion /f,n / 60 min
Final Cons. Deletion /p,k/ 60 min
Final Cons Deletion /t,m/ 60min

Initial Consonant Deletion /b,t/ 60 min
Initial Cons. Deletion /l,g/ 60 min
Initial Cons. Deletion /d,h/ 60 min

** Each pattern needing
remediation is worked on each cycle

1.Review - previous session's words
2.Auditory Bombardment - recorded or live
3.Word Cards - verbal production, color
4.Production Practice - interactive game, conversation
5.Stimulability Probing - determine next phoneme
6.Auditory Bombardment - same as 2
7.Phonological Awareness - literacy practice
8.Home Program - parent involvement Therapy Session Stengths:
Phonemes are a means to an end
...not the end goal.
Success & challenges happen simultaneously
Auditory stimulation
Production practice
Research supports its efficacy
Utilizes time rather than criterion to pace therapy
Efficient form of therapy

Predominately for highly unintelligible clients
Somewhat complicated
Switching tasks frequently Strengths & Limitations Beginning Cycles Cycles Guidelines http://www.expressionsspeech.com/Google%20Docs/Cycles%20Guidelines.pdf

ASHA Leader article written by Barbara Hodson

Hodson, B. W., Scherz, J. A., & Strattman, K. H. (2002). Evaluating Communicative Abilities of a Highly Unintelligible Preschooler. American Journal Of Speech-Language Pathology, 11(3), 236. Hodson's Assessment of Phonological Processes -3

*administered to determine patterns of target

*begin with processes occurring > 40% Cycles Approach

Gretchen Williams
Joseph Trevino
Carlos Sepulveda
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