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World Business and Executive Coach Summit, 2013

The only thing wrong with being unsuccessful in your coaching business is thinking there's nothing you can do about it. For the 3rd year, we offer the World Business and Executive Coach Summit. Find out more at www.wbecs.com; we'll see you at the summit!

Matt Hollowell

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of World Business and Executive Coach Summit, 2013

See You At The Give Value More Success You You Hear the finest coaches in the world who can
rapidly transform your coaching business. Thinking The Only Thing Nothing You Can Do About It. There’s about
your coaching success! DO SOMETHING Increase Improve Get More Clients Your Referrals Your Work Over 11,000 coaches have gained
and improved from our events. We have selected the finest coaches in the world to help you grow. You can pick
and choose
the sessions
that will bring
you the most
critical results. Simple Steps to Change Things if you’ve ever asked any of these questions,
you probably already want to join us: In fact, How can I
find more
clients when
I'm already
so busy? How can I find clients
who are willing to pay
what I'm worth? What do I say to CEOs
so they'll even
talk to me? How can I ask for
referrals without
appearing pushy? Who do I contact at
a company who has
the authority to say
'yes' to me? Now you have a choice. Experience the success that has so far you Go The Level! To Next And the best part is... It’s as close as your computer. And there’s no need to worry
about fitting it into your schedule. You can listen to our sessions live
or get to the recordings at your leisure. And when you start putting what you’ve learned into action, you’ll be PLEASED AMAZED and Leading Coaching Organizations Take a look at the details below, and see if we can help you move
forward. You've heard from
a large number
of returning clients
who tell us we are
providing a huge value. Now, we’d like to be part of your growth as a coach. See You At The Summit! Summit! Continue the struggle www.wbecs.com www.wbecs.com www.wbecs.com Business Is . . . Your Coaching Unsuccessful With Wrong With Being LEADING VOICES
and TRAINERS ENSURE SUCCESS YOUR Success to succeed as a coach. Stumped by your clients? Get Your Clients Get Your Clients Need more referrals? The summit will
show you how. RESULTS RESULTS How do I demonstrate
my value to my clients? To Follow Through. To Follow Through. Give Value More Ago Cluytens Aileen Gibb Andrea Lages Andrew Neitlich Ann Betz Barry Posner Brian Underhill Damian Goldvarg Darren Hardy Darren Robson Donna Steinhorn Dr. Patrick Williams Dr. Susan Meyer A. Drayton Boylston Gary Henson Grant Soosalu Hendre D. Coetzee Howard Morgan Ian Brodie John Leary-Joyce Joseph O'Connor Katherine Tulpa Lise Lewis Marvin Oka Michael Bungay Stanier Myles Downey Natalie Tucker Miller Taki Moore Krishna Kumar Renee Freedman Frances Hesselbein Presidential Medal of Freedom Recipient,
Former CEO, Girl Scouts of the USA Dr. Marshall Goldsmith The World’s Number
One Leadership Thinker Verne Harnish Fortune Magazine’s Top 10
Minds In Small Business John C. Maxwell Internationally Renowned
Coach and Author Karen Kimsey-House One of the earliest recognized luminaries in the coaching profession Brendon Burchard New York Times
Best Selling Coach Vishen Lakhiani Passionate Leader
of Global Change Mary Beth O'Neill Author and Leader of the Executive Coach Training Series Pamela McLean Preeminent Coach and
Author of The Completely
Revised Handbook of Coaching Daniel H. Pink Bestselling Author on
The Changing World of Work
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