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Grand + Benedicts

No description

on 10 May 2016

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Transcript of Grand + Benedicts


Colin Hallberg
Grand + Benedicts Construction

is a submittal?
Documentation of design criteria shared between designers, owners, contractor and subcontractors.

An "approved" submittal authorizes quantity & quality of materials prior to work commencing.

Must be approved by an Owner or Owner's Representative as a quality control mechanism before materials are delivered and work is performed.

are submittals executed?
After subcontracts are executed, subcontractors are given a set number of days per their contract to provide a submittal package.

Typically, submittals should be received
within 5 business days
of contract execution.

Submittal Log
is responsible for submittals?
Project Superintendents
are responsible for ALL phases of the submittal process including:

- Initial communication
- Submittal log
- All correspondence
- Final approval

written documentation
of entire process
Grand + Benedicts Construction
The submittal process affects cost, quality, schedule,
and project success
- Date
- Submittal #
- Addressed To
- From
- Submittal #
- List of items submitted for review
Starts with General Requirements and goes with order of construction process

Corresponds with Project Specifications
Transmittal Submittal
Reviewed Submittal
- Approved
- Approved with corrections
- Not approved (resubmit)

Final Submittal
Return approved submittal to subcontractor for execution of contract
Hyatt Regency Skywalk
collapse occurred at the Hyatt Regency Kansas City hotel in Kansas City, Missouri, on July 17, 1981. Two vertically contiguous walkways collapsed onto an event being held in the hotel's lobby. The falling walkways killed 114 and injured 216.[2]

Investigators concluded that the basic problem was a lack of proper communication between the engineer of the skywalk and contractor.

It was later revealed that when the Contractor called the Engineer to propose a new design, the Engineer simply approved the changes over the phone without viewing any sketches or performing calculations.
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