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Salamander army

Salamander army rocks!

Kyle Johnson

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Salamander army

ENDER'S GAME - A captivating novel about a boy
who was taken mentally and physically
to a world of manipulation, isolation, and
the belief that a lie will cover up the future. The novel though reveals
a strong army who with courage and skills
defeats many armys. An army who goes
by the name of Salamander.
we Run the Show! Characters however made this novel what
it is today! It begins with Ender, a six year old boy who is the protagonist of the story. He is also brilliant and has been monitored to see if he qualifies to go to "Battle School." Ender eventually kills the buggers, but saves the last bugger queen in order to restore the bugger species.
Then there is the brilliant and ruthless, but also sadistic, older brother of Ender, Peter. Peter's journey begins when him and his sister create alter egos and try to lobby people on the internet to agree with their views. However, a great journey always has its twists and turns, ending with the big finale, of Peter becoming Hegemon or in other words ruler of the world. The story also tells the tale
of Mr. Wiggin, the father of Edner, Peter, and
Valentine. He was raised Catholic and his family had
nine children, which is beyond the population control. However,
he still stays true to his religion. Mr. Wiggin at a point in the book starts to read
the views of Demosthenses, and praises them, not knowing Valentine disagrees with them, and
the biggest trick of all: She wrote them! Rico is one ruthless little kid. Just like Peter! The beautiful Petra She takes Ender under her wings
when he enters Salamander Army(YEA!) after Bonzo
refuses to teach him anything. Petra soon becomes
commander of Phoenix army. However by the end of the book, Ender realizes she lost what made her a wonderful commander: her willingness to take risks. Marsha Brady??
Yes! She represents everything
Petra has. Compassion and strength. Bonzo is Ender's first commander
in Salamander Army. He hates Ender for being
young and brillaint, refusing to teach him anything
because of his lack of experrience. Before the novel ends a fight occurs, that Bonzo leads. However, "what goes around come around," and Ender shows that
by knocking Bonzo's nose into his brain, unintentionaly killing him! Stilson is the bully from Ender's school.
After Ender gets his monitor removed, they get into a fight.
Ender though beats Stilson so badly he dies. This is Ender's first "murder victim," although he believes he was acting decisively. Alai Alai is Bernard's best friend when arriving at battle school. Him and Ender become friends when they work
together to figure out null gravity, suits and weapons. Ender begins to understand that thei friendship is sacre
to his religion when Alai whispers the word Salaam in his ear. They soon cannot be friends anymore though, but hold great respect for one another. Bean is an extrodinary
character having similar qualities to Ender. Bean is bright, although he is very young and bright for his age. Ender leaves Bean in charge of coming up with crazy ideas with the variations of the battlerooms Anderson and Graff keep coming up with for them.
Valentine is Ender's older sister. She is very compassionate and is just as smart as Ender and Peter. She is the only person who Ender truly loves in the world. Valentine is used twice by Colonel Graff to convince Ender to continue on with his studies. Also, she influences public opinion with her persona Demothenses. However, the personality begins to grow on her. Mrs. Wiggin is the mother of Ender, Valentine and Peter. She was raised a Mormon, but officially denounced her religion when she grew up and the population laws were in effect. She did though continue to pray and stay in touch with God. SALAMANDER ARMY Salamander!!
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