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Clinical Nursing Citizenship

No description

Marina Yasmine

on 11 May 2014

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Transcript of Clinical Nursing Citizenship

Workplace Citizenship

Marina Yasmine

Communication, teamwork and social responsibility are the most essential components of workplace citizenship of a nurse, because these components can help to implement the nursing profession and in providing healthcare to patients by having good communication skills, working together as a team for the patient safety and promoting health to community or society.
Essential attributes of healthcare workplace
Source: http://www.health.wa.gov.au/careers/docs/Unlimited_jobs_WAHealth.pdf
Working Bibliography
The importance :
- to share health-related information
- to understand situation of patients
- to communicate well with other nurses
and doctors
- to reduce errors in patient safety
The importance:
- to promote health
- to prevent illness of patients
- to restore health
- to alleviate suffering
Flinders University.
Clinical Communication: Communication Skills
Retrieved from http://nursing.flinders.edu.au/students/studyaids/clinicalcommunication/page.php?id=20

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Social Responsibility: Conceptualization and Embodiment in a School of Nursing
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DOI: 10.1177/1527154409339528

Victorian Quality Council. Department of Health. (2010).
Promoting effective communication among healthcare professionals to improve patient safety and quality of care.
Retrieved from http://www.health.vic.gov.au/qualitycouncil/downloads/communication_paper_120710.pdf

World Health Organization (WHO).
Topic 4: Being an effective team player.
Retrieved from http://www.who.int/patientsafety/education/curriculum/who_mc_topic-4.pdf
- patient safety
- to achieve common goals
- to resolve conflicts together
- leadership developmental
Pregnant woman with diabetes and develops a pulmonary embolism.
- Different doctors' and nurses' team during the day
and night.
- Handled by her medical care team recommenda-
Nursing is known as the most trustful profession because this profession contributes health promotion, protection and prevention of illness and injury of patients. Consequently, nursing is also an advocacy for communities, families or individuals in term of healthcare. It is a lifelong learning because nursing profession allows nurses to interact frequently with a wide range of community and they will also have the opportunity to identify diseases or illnesses of people. Mostly, nurses will command the nursing profession through practices.
Are those three attributes of workplace citizenship (social responsibility, communication and teamwork) in nursing profession useful?
- communicating with elders politely
- ensure the accuracy of patients' : health history check, conditions, medicines taken.
- rural areas
- social needs of the public
- society's well-being
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