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St. Joan of Arc

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alexis Tanciongco

on 17 November 2013

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Transcript of St. Joan of Arc

St. Joan of Arc

Her story
It all started when Joan of Arc was just 12- years old. This was when she began to hear the voices-the voices of St. Micheal, St. Catherine, and St. Margaret. She got visions and was told by the saints and angels to help lead the french army and drive the English out of France.The voices kept talking to her throughout the years, guiding her. On May 1428, she traveled to Vancouleurs to ask for permission to join the Dauphin's army. She told them about her visions but they didn't believe her. She went home but the next year she came back determined to join. She convinced them by telling them her predictions. The Dauphin gave Joan command of a small force when they got news that her prediction about a military reversal was correct.
her battles
Fruits and Gifts of the Holy Spirit
The fruits and gifts that my saint illustrates in her life is courage and faithfulness. In the war, Joan had the courage to lead the french troops and fight with them. It was something she had never done before. Even though at that time people were against women acting or dressing like men, she had the courage to dress as a man to convince the Dauphin and fight. She had been wounded and had to wear that hot and heavy armor throughout the whole war yet she still managed to keep herself and her troops strong. She was trusting the saints and angels to help her. That is the faithfulness she needed and used in order to inspire her men to be brave and keep fighting. She had that faithfulness to convince her soldiers to be patient so that God would repay them with more victories later on.
St Joan of Arc's life illustrated Human Dignity because when Joan of Arc lead the army, she dressed as a man. She didn't care about the fact that women had to dress like ladies and act like it. In order to lead the French, she had to be in the proper armor like all the other men and that is what she did. As a woman with no experience in fighting, she trained herself to be the best and came out victorious in all battles. She raised the dignity for all women and after seeing her, it was proven that anybody can fight in the army and dress however. Not only for women, but she proved to people that you can do anything, you just have to work for it.
the facts
Intro-my saint
This year, I chose to do St. Joan of Arc as my saint to be named with for confirmation. She is an intriguing and courageous woman who had led the french army to victory, but every battle she fought, she won. She was determined to defeat the English- a virtue i wish to emulate This is only one of the reasons why I chose her as my saint.
During this time, the Hundred Years war was going. The English were taking over France and was being ruined. But with the guidance of God, Joan had the mission to set the French free from the English. On May 4, 1429, a vision told her that she had to make an attack to the English immediately. Even though she was exhausted from the heavy armor which she's not used to, she raced to battle scene and won the battle. May 6, they attacked another English fort. They defeated them as well. The next day, she led another victorious battle in Les Tourelles. She got shot with an arrow but she kept fighting no matter what and won. But because she won all these battles, the English accused her of using witchcraft and then later on accused of heresy. They burned her at stake.
Saint Joan of Arc,
you fought for France with such bravery,
proving that women can fight and be strong
please give us the courage and determination you had,
to help us be as faithful to God as you were,
guide us to be better Christians,
to trust God in everything,
and to fight for what we believe in and never give up

Saint Joan of Arc's Prayer
Human Dignity
Her full name is Saint Joan of Arc
-Born: January 6, 1412
-Place of Birth: Domremy, France
-Died: May 30, 1431 in Rouen, France
-Feast day: May 30
- Patron of France and soldiers
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