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40 Tips in 40 Minutes

DSES 2012 Breakout Session: Tuesday, Oct. 23rd. 3:55pm - 5:00pm

Eric Miltsch

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of 40 Tips in 40 Minutes

Request Foursquare "Check-in"
Window clings for your stores
http://bit.ly/14EALqM Make a big deal about
your foursquare Mayors.
Feature them in your blog! For simpler tasks:
Try https://Trello.com/ Test your mobile site with http://www.howtogomo.com/en/d/#test-your-site - Mobilize your site now Add the Author attribute
to your blog
And link your G+ Profile:
https://plus.google.com/authorship Use Foursquare's venue analytics to track your foot traffic; scrub those results against your CRM. Managing dealership projects?
Especially multiple groups/locations https://app.asana.com/
& download the mobile app. 40 Tips in 40 Minutes | Eric Miltsch | Dir. of Product Strategy | @DrivingSales | @emiltsch http://Scribd.com
Post your PDF's to Scribd Google loves these pages too! Best Group Chat App:
MessageMe. Use WiseStamp for the best social email signature!
http://WiseStamp.com How to improve your Klout score:
Twitter: Retweets and Mentions
Facebook: Comments, Wall-Posts,
Google+:Comments, Reshares, +1;
LinkedIn Comments, Likes
Foursquare Tips,
Todo’s & Tips, Done, Instagram
sharing. Tell Stories:
http://Jux.com Use Hashtags like a boss.
EX: Add #JUX to your Instagram pics & push them to your JUX blog.
Or, use them in an IFTTT recipe to connect your content!
https://ifttt.com/ Daily Foursquare Special
Snapt it, Brand it, Share it Track your name and business and get alerts in real time!
https://en.Mention.net/ Find your optimal times to post on social media:
http://www.Tweriod.com/ The easiest way to turn social media posts into a story
http://Storify.com/ Use the Pinterest mobile bookmarklet
to post content & share it on the go. Speed Up Your Website:
http://developer.yahoo.com/yslow/ Even More Speed!
https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights Use Google's new Mobile ROI
Calculator to find out how profitable your mobile site is!
http://www.howtogomo.com/fvm/en/d/# Create custom Google Analytics
reports to find your key information faster
For example:
Organic Traffic by Location & Conversion Rate
http://bit.ly/Z8enFw Use the updated Venue Tools within foursquare
Share, Create & Manage Specials Non Branded keywords segment
Understand search without branded terms
+Add a dimension or metric
>add "Keyword" as a dimension
>have it as "exclude" & "matching regular expression" then type the following (ex_
(John|Lewis|Jon|Luis|Lews|…….) Add Advanced Segments:
My Site tab
>Advanced Segments
>+New Custom Segment
> Name it
>+Add a metric >add "Source"
>"include" & "matching regular
expression" Long tail keywords segment
+Add a dimension or metric > then add "Keyword" as a dimension > have it as "include" and "matching regular expression" Write unsolicted
LinkedIn testamonials Share your content to
Create more social signals! Created branded music channels: Pandora or Spotify! Are you linked to bad neighborhoods?
Check your website backlinks.
text-link-tool.htm Burn a Feed - add it to
http://Feedburner.com Deploy heat map tracking for your website using
http://www.CrazyEgg.com/ Don't Swear
Talk religion or politics - ask questions though:) Don't stress over your Klout Score.
Focus on your "activity" score... dSCore: http://www.DrivingSales.com/dscore
Activity drives Experience
Experience creates Influence Create your own memes
For example:
"Cool Whip of the Day!" 1st two dealers to tweet about
how awesome this webinar was
gets a free ticket to http://DrivingSalesPresidentsClub.com PostCards On The Run!
Create postcards for your customers!
http://www.postcardontherun.com Use Prezi.
This presentation isn't as boring as a PowerPoint, is it?
http://Prezi.com 40 Tips in 40 Minutes | Eric Miltsch | Dir. of Product Strategy | @DrivingSales | @emiltsch Eric Miltsch
40 Tips In 40 Minutes
#DealerWeb If you have questions during
the presentation, please
submit them using the
“Questions” feature

Questions will be answered
at the end of the webinar
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