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Facades +

No description

Alexander Perez

on 19 June 2017

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Transcript of Facades +

Precast Company
Architectural Precast Concrete
Design Assist Collaboration:
Maximize the Inherent Benefits
of Architectural Precast
Presented by: Alexander Perez, CGC, LEED AP, Assoc. AIA
What is Design Assist?
Procurement method by which, prior to completion of design, a construction contract may be awarded on a best-value basis pursuant to which a contractor/subcontractor provides design assistance to the design team and ultimately the owner
Maximizing the Design
Important to Consider the Following Elements:
• Aesthetic palette: color/finish techniques
• Master mold fabrication opportunities
• Material costs
• Panelization
• Interacting with other materials or trades
• Connection concepts
• Locations of connections to structure
• Erection and construction sequencing
Benefits of Design Assist

• A BIM model, created in the beginning of design-assist process, is shared with the design team to review for conflicts and to ensure design intent and panelization

• Structural design of precast panel connections
completed in collaboration with EOR - assures coordination in supporting and bracing of structural system

• Coordination of construction and precast production schedules assures timely delivery.

• After design/construction team is formed, the precaster is brought on board to assist in the design process

• Imposes a responsibility on the Precaster to understand and educate related construction materials that must interface with the precast so details appropriate to all the materials can be developed
How many of you are currently using BIM and fully integrating it into your design practice?
BIM + Design Assist
FAENA Arts Center
, Miami Beach, FL
Atlantic Hotels Garage

OMA + Revuelta Architecture Internatinal
Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science
The Wrap
• Design-assist process enables designers to create iconic structures using BIM and Precast

• Defined BIM with regards to its use in the design of structures when using Precast

• Recognized savings in construction schedule, resource and energy savings through team collaboration

• Illustrated use of BIM in Precast through case studies
Architect: Nicolas Grimshaw + Rodriguez & Quiroga
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