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Management Budget Presentation

No description

Emily Schuchart

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of Management Budget Presentation

Kelly Bogart, Mary Schrader, Emily Schuchart, and Holly Zahn Developing Budgets Operating Budget Checklist Operating Income Know What the Numbers Mean Museums Management
Staff costs
Specialist services (auditors, etc.)
Building maintenance
Energy (water, electricity, etc.)
Office Equipment
Depreciation Admission fees
Annual fund
Planned giving/bequests
Events and programs
Services (photography, etc.)
Museum Shop
Facilities rental
Traveling exhibits Before looking at a budget, know what the numbers represent and the jargon your museum uses. Compensation & Benefits National Gallery of Art Repair, Restoration, &
Renovation Collections Management
Staff costs
Acquisitions funds
Collections security Operating Expenditure Ensure efficient, secure, and safe exhibition Spending should articulate mission Museum Services
Staff costs
Education materials
Events and programs What is a Budget? A Budget is...
simply a plan for how you earn, spend, and save money. The 2013 Smithsonian Institution's Budget Justification to Congress *239 page budget overview to Committees on Appropriations The Budget Justification includes:
*Salaries and Expenses
*Facilities Capital
*Appendix Salaries and Expenses Include:
*Fixed Costs
*Program Changes
*Museums and Research Centers
*Mission Enabling Museums and Research Centers 5 Initiatives

*Unlocking the Mysteries of the Universe
*Understanding the American Experience Involve 9 of the Institution's Museums Facilities Capital
Includes funds for:

Construction of the National Museum of African American History and Culture and the revitaliation of several of the institution's oldest buildings

As well as other revitaliation projects, construction,
planning and earthquake damage repairs. Appendix Organizational and visitation charts
Trust fund summary
Responses to repatriation
Adjustments to FY 2012 funding http://dallasmuseumofart.org/AboutUs/AnnualReport/index.htm Special Exhibitions Keeping Technology
Up-to-date Strategic Plan: Execution: Mission: Execution: Mission: Execution: Mission: Execution: Care for West Building, East Building, and Sculpture Garden Reflect aesthetic standards of Gallery Allow public access to the collection, special exhibitions, and educational materials Supplement permanent collection
Draw higher attendance
Expose public to meritorious work via web "...hire and retain the best available curatorial, conservation, educational, and management staffs." Safety improvements
Renovation to 35 year-old exterior Glass Walls
Repair stone facade deferred for over 10 years
Requested: $23 million Total Request: $143 million Fiscal Year 2013 Congressional Budget Request Supports 807 Full-time Equivalent employees
Classifications: Art Care, Operations & Maintenance, Protection, General Administration, and Repair, Restoration, & Renovation
Travel for professional seminars and training off-site
Requested: $120 million Washington, DC Funded by public and private sector
Brings in works of art from around the world
Enables Gallery to share exhibitions
Requested: $3.5 million Gallery maintains 10 different technological system interfaces
Based on 10-year IT Strategic Plan created in 2012
Requested: $8.6 million
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