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Uvula Piercing


Emily Ioannides

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Uvula Piercing

Emily Ioannides Uvula Piercings History Jon Cobb In 1994, Jon Cobb started the uvula piercing craze. Cobb also popularized the nape and trans scrotal piercing. Work Cited http://www.bodypiercingblog.com/entry/people-following-jon-cobb-in-uvula-piercing/ http://blog.bodycandy.com/category/oral-piercings/ Any piercing in the mouth can cause infection in the mouth because it is a breeding ground for bacteria. The piercing in the mouth can cause the tongue to swell, blocking the air ways. Health Risks A person may be allergic to the metal resulting in what may be a deadly reaction. It can block dental X-Rays Interference with swallowing, speech,or chewing. http://www.mouthhealthy.org/en/az-topics/o/oral-piercings.aspx "There had [to be] the fundamental drive for getting it in the first place. If it's a stupid human trick, I'll leave that to Letterman. I was driven to have the uvula because it reflected the mind. When you put a pair of forceps on a uvula, it feels like you've grabbed the center of the mass of the inside of your head — if you cough up a piece of rice and it sits in the back of your sinus passage, you understand that spot. Psychologically, it feels like you're getting the center of your head pierced. That is so live, so real, and the risk inherant only added to the psychological imperative, and I was just driven to have it. Again, not a rational action, but that's not the point. The technical aspects were just a neccesity, but of course I tweaked and got into that. But it was never the motivation. It was never enough. Do you need it? Is it supposed to be there? Yes, then we're going for it." Procedure If the piercing is not done by an expert in this certain procedure it can be highly dangerous. If the piercee were to gag, it can cause the needle or jewlery to be dropped or accidently pierce the side of the throat. The most difficult part of the procedure it the follow through. Piercing usually done with a hollow needle in a standard clamp http://wiki.bme.com/index.php/Image:Bmegl034729.jpg http://www.zentastic.com/iamimport/2006/06/two-uvula-piercings-11.jpg http://www.getmilked.com/comics/comics/BobShowsOffUvulaPiercing.jpg Healing and After Care Relatively fast healing Feels like a minor sore throat Mouth wash and try to avoid getting plaque on the uvula Takes about 2 weeks http://www.bme.com/media/story/869682/?cat=pierce/11-surface Anywhere from $100.00- $180.00 Cost I would never engage in this activity. I have no desire to have my uvula pierced and I do not want to go through training myself not to gag. There is no point but the shock effect and it would bother me to constantly feel as if something were stuck in my throat. CONCLUSION I feel as if peer pressure may play a role in engaging in activities such as tattoos and "normal" piercings. As for the abnormal, unthinkable piercings and tattoos, I think it's more individual than peer pressure. People shouldn't feel like hey have to distort their body and leave permanent images and scars to be titled "cool". Many people end up regretting what they have done and want to remove such things. I would simply refuse to get a tattoo or a piercing. It's not that I would refuse to go, I would just not engage in the action. I do not want to have something permanent on my body. If a friend were considering a uvula piercing I would warn them that they must ave a really good piercer and they must not gag during the activity. It is quite dangerous so I would encourage them to think twice before they followed through with the action. Knowledge Before one decides on this piercing, one should research the best piercers around. One needs to train themselves not to gag People do it for the shock effect. Not many people do it, so it is unique and unexpected. The process may be bloody http://ibytemedia.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/uvulapiercinginprocessandbloody.jpg http://www.zentastic.com/iamimport/2006/06/two-uvula-piercings-4.jpg
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