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Creating new breeds of animals through genetic modification

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Madison Gould

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of Creating new breeds of animals through genetic modification

Creating New Breeds of Animals Through Genetic Modification
Creating new breeds of animals through genetic engineering has many purposes. The main purpose is bringing back extinct animals such as the Wooly Mammoth. A team of scientists in 2009 brought back the first extinct animal, the Pyrenean Ibex. The Ibex only lived 7 minutes until it died of lung defects. Another purpose for this biotechnology is creating better food animals. For instance, with the meat chicken, they have been given the genes to grow bigger faster and not need as much food. It can also be used to eliminate diseases and defects.
Pros and Cons
Genetic engineering lets scientists make
improvements in the medical field.
Hereditary diseases can finally be cured. Genetic engineering can end world hunger.
Genetic engineering can increase world hunger.
Viruses can jump from one genetically modified animal to another,
killing off animals very fast.
Genetic engineering also can cause mutations in animals.
The mutations then can lead to increases in toxins.
Another con to genetic engineering is that it can cause a
decrease in nutritional value of everyday meats.
For example, a steak can still seem absolutely fresh
even when it has been at the store for
I feel that biotechnology should be used
because, in my opinion, the pros outweigh the
cons. For instance, if biotechnology can end
world hunger, who cares if the food has a little less nutritional value. Also, if people can tell that their baby has a defect before it's even born, that's great, too. It would be cool if we could bring back a Wooly Mammoth as well, especially since scientist are now thinking that we were the reason for the specie's demise in the first place. So, yes, I feel that biotechnology should be used.

Thank You!
Name: Madison Gould

Genetic engineering is when you manually add DNA to the cells of an organism. When you do this, you're trying to take out or put in traits that are or aren't found in the organism. For instance, Glo-Fish are made by adding the genes of a jellyfish and sea anemones to a zebra danio.
I took a survey in the class
and asked whether the students
were for or against the use of
Biotechnology to create new breeds
of animals. Of 8 students 6 said they
were for it and 2 said that they were against it.
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