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STEM - Aircraft Maintenance

Engineering career prezi

Andy Jenkins

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of STEM - Aircraft Maintenance

by Andy Jenkins Engineering Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Who is Andy Jenkins? Gulfstream Aerospace at Luton Airport If you have a question, just ask... Are STEM Other things to know about STEM careers Benefits of STEM careers 40% employers prefer STEM candidates Why are you here? What types of engineering are there? Main branches of engineering are:

Mechanical Types of engineering Depends on your job - could be..... In an office. Or Outside. Where I work at Luton Airport. Some objectives for you: Have an Know that studying STEM subjects Be aware of the Know some Choose which career you would want.... Which of these images shows an engineer at work? What are the When do engineers work? Some work 9-5 but shift work is common Earlies and Lates 4 X 4 Nightshift Bonus = extra money & different days off. All linked together: Name some STEM jobs Routes into Engineering U_A
Lu_em_our_ Ka_a_stan
Ho_g _o_g
_gan_a Have you thought about What do you like about Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths? What STEM job would you most like to do? Short answer - Yes! and definitely if you want a career in engineering. STEM courses and careers are open to anyone STEM subjects lead to a wide range of opportunities STEM subjects are valuable for non-STEM jobs Some STEM jobs need creativity and design skills as well. Money Travel Work is interesting and varied Chance to work with modern, state of the art, equipment Chance to make a difference on key global challenges like climate change, renewable energy or disease cures To me, engineering is fun, it's about solving problems, and making things work. In my job, that is making sure aircraft can fly and fly safely. Film and TV - development of 3D or HD technology Energy - offshore wind turbines or oil drilling rigs Computing - avionic systems or game design Medicine - vaccines for the developing world Transport - high speed rail or hydrogen cell cars Music - acoustic engineers at music concerts Aerospace - aircraft maintenance or space travel Nuclear - state of the art nuclear power and storage Architectural - carbon neutral building design Mining - mineral extraction or use of explosives How many engineering jobs can you think of? Apprenticeships - way of gaining essential workplace experience and qualifications whilst getting paid.
2-4 years long
In aviation you need GCSE grade C or above in maths, English, science and ideally DT (don't need to be an A student) Further education - concentrated academic work often useful for management jobs. (no better/worse than apprenticeships) e.g. Foundation degrees Military - offers good training on high tech equipment and a high level of responsibility Work experience - can help you decide which type of engineering is best for you, often not paid but allows employer to get to know you. Royal Academy of Engineering study 100,000 STEM students needed, 60,000 more to progress UK produces 90,000 STEM students a year Median salary £35,000, top salaries around £52,000 a b d Some Resources. http://futuremorph.org/





http://britishscienceassociation.org/web/ccaf/CREST/ STEM subjects? Use of Maths + Science Technology Use of Technology = Engineering of the importance of the STEM subjects AWARENESS Doesn't lead to BORING jobs! Z Z Z Z of STEM career opportunities available WIDE RANGE DIFFERENT ROUTES into STEM careers Careers Why am I here? One of each Science Technology Engineering Maths work in the future? So, Vocational Academic subjects important? Almost every aspect of modern life relies on STEM subjects from medicine to IT and from agriculture to energy. Logical thinking, problem solving and practical hands-on skills are all useful skills you will learn through the STEM subjects. Accountant or Mechanic Athletics trainer or Clothes designer Vet or Chef Park Warden or Nuclear monitoring technician Physiotherapist or Teacher Accountant or Mechanic Athletics trainer or Clothes designer Vet or Chef Physiotherapist or Teacher BUT even food hygiene requires science knowledge! . All require STEM subjects apart from one - which one? Park Warden or Nuclear monitoring technician Asimo by Honda = Great Job A Scientist at work...? But which one? a) b) c) The route I took to my job. 1 4 5 2 3 6 This type of career is achievable by you Timeline: 6 years Studied 2 year Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course at City of Bristol College – vocational. Work experience with British Airways at Heathrow airport Received my Aircraft Maintenance Engineers License – basic. Continued gaining work experience through paid employment as a mechanic at Stansted Airport. Became fully licensed Aircraft Engineer by taking a job on B747’s in Bristol after 4 years of work since finishing college. This is not the only route, there are different routes to reach the same job. Places with work Kazakstan
Hong Kong
Uganda USA
Luxembourg 1. 2. 1. 2. I work 4 x 4 shift – 4 days on, 4 days off. 12 hour shifts, early and late shift rotation. My Job day to day Work on the casualty (unscheduled) maintenance team with 7 other people but routinely working alone. (Mechanical or Avionic) Never know where I’ll be or what work I will do each day. (Spares, troubleshooting, engine runs, paperwork) I've been to Not quite THE END but we're close! Can you remember the 4 objectives? Think about your option choices. Think about your work experience placement. Ask your teachers about the possibility of a mentoring scheme. What to do next... Now it's THE END! Thanks for listening. work experience and volunteer experience are both important for college or university. Mentoring or talking to people in the industry in invaluable in knowing what to expect. What is Engineering? Engineering isn't just fixing things. Engineering is just fixing things.... Dictionary says : application of science for the control and use of power, especially by means of machines. This can mean the design, building or maintenance of many things from tiny electronic chips or microscopic vaccines to massive space stations or wind turbines. v Where could engineers work? Could you get a job in Engineering? here's some facts.. Remember: It's possible to move up a set in Maths and Science. REMEMBER: YOU HAVE CHOICES. DO YOUR RESEARCH!
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