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By: Gabrielle Zevin

alicia capotosto

on 20 May 2010

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Transcript of Elsewhere

Main Characters: Elizabeth "Liz" Hall--
Liz is the protagonist of the
story. She is fifteen years old
and was killed in an accident when
she was hit by a speeding taxi cab.
Liz wakes up on a ship and has many
adventures of not only exploring
Elsewhere, she explores more about herself. Betty Bloom--
Betty is Liz's grand-
mother. Liz never knew
Betty because she died
of breast cancer before
Liz was born. Betty is
very loving and caring
and wants Liz to feel at home
at Elsewhere. Although Liz can
be cold and snippy towards her
grandmother, Betty is always very
patient with Liz as she copes with
her death. By:
Gabrielle Zevin Minor Characters: Thandiwe "Thandi" Washington--
Thandi is the first character besides Liz introduced in the story. When Liz first wakes up on the ship, Thandi is in the bunk above her. She tells Thandi that she was there because she was shot in the head. Thandi and Liz become best friends and discover their past lives together. Curtis Jest--Curtis is the second person that Liz meets on her way to Elsewhere. He was in a band called Machine, which Liz and Thandi were big fans of. He becomes a good friend of Thandi and Liz and later marries Betty Bloom. He died of a drug overdose. Owen "O" Welles--Owen is on the Elsewhere coastgurard, looking for people who try to go down to the Well, which is where people can make contact with the living. Owen died when he was 27, but on Elsewhere, you age backwards, so he is 17. He finds Liz sneaking down there and captures her. He also falls in love with her. The setting takes place in two main places. The first is on the S.S. Nile,which is the boat taking them toElsewhere. This is the place that Liz first wakes up and realizes she is dead. The boat looks like a cruise ship.
The second place is the island of Elsewhere. When Liz first
gets there, she is greeted by her grandmother, who is waiting
for her at the pier. Elsewhere looks like a normal island, with
palm trees and warm weather. You can get a job and even own a pet,
but the inly different thing is you age backwards until you are
seven days old. When you reach that point, they send you down
the River to be reborn as a new person. Setting Introduction and Rising Action
1. In the beginning, Liz wakes
up on the S.S. Nile. At first, she convinces herself
that it is just a dream, until she feels the need
for food, she finds it strange that she would be hungry
in her own dream. Her room mate, Thandi, shows Liz
the massive hole that is in her head.
2.When Liz and Thandi go to get food, there are only
old people in the dining hall.They than ask Thandi "how
she got here". Thandi simply responds, "I was shot in the
head." Liz finally realizes that they are dead and they
went to speak to the other passengers.
3. When the ship arrives at Elsewhere, she is hesitant
at first, but she is greeted by the six year old captain
of the ship. He advises her to go to Elsewhere, that she
will be happier there. So she goes to meet her grandma Betty at the pier. Climax The turning point of the story is
when Liz first meets Betty. Betty is
Liz's grandmother, the mother of her mother.
Liz has never met Betty before because she died
of breast cancer before Liz was born. When she first
gets there, she is very crabby and upset, but Betty
is always very caring towards her. Liz is also
confused because her grandmother looks like her
mother's age, but that is because you age backwards
in Elswewhere. Betty teaches Liz how to do everything
and even though Liz dislikes Betty at first, she really
learns to love and appreciate her. Charcter Trace Elizabeth "Liz" Hall is a very
complicated character. In the beginning,
she is upset and aggrivated. She does not know
why she is on this boat or how she died. When she
gets to Elsewhere she is bitter towards her grandma, but
realizes that there is nothing she can do and learns
how to accept her death and becomes a warmer person
towards her grandma and friends. Falling Action and Resolution 1) After Liz meets Betty at the pier, she tries to teach her how to drive. It is very unsuccessful. She gets frustrated and no longer wants to learn.
2) Liz gets frustrated with her new life and wants to get in contact with her friends and family, which is illegal in Elsewhere.
3) She is caught by a coast guard officer named Owen Welles, who she later falls in love with until the day that she is sent down the river to be reborn. Theme I think the theme of this
book is death acceptance. Alth-
ogh Liz is the one that has passed
away, she must learn to cope with
her death. She learns that the after
life isn't as bad as it seems and that,
along with the people on Earth, you have
to let go. Reactions My reaction to this book
was that I thought that it was very interesting. I enjoyed it because it described that the afterlife was like a process of reincarnation. It says that when you die, you got to this place called Elsewhere, you age backwards until you are an infant, and you than start your life over again as a new person. It was not a concept that I necessarily believe in, but it was an interesting outlook on the afterlife.
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