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Syntactic Cues, Semantic Cues, and Context Cues

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Emilee Pilkington

on 9 October 2015

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Transcript of Syntactic Cues, Semantic Cues, and Context Cues

Emilee Pilkington, Fall 2015
Syntactic Cues, Semantic Cues, and Context Cues
- Help figure out the meaning of a word

- Essential reading tools
Reading Cues
- Syntactic
- Semantic
- Context
Types of Reading Tools
- Syntax Definition

"The rules that govern how words are put together to make sentences." (Kruder, 2003)

Syntactic Cues
- To teach grammar rules
- Read an example aloud, use syntactic cues to see what a word means
When to Use Syntactic Cues
in the Classroom
Semantic Cues
Semantics Definition:

"The study of the meaning of words." (Kruder, 2013)

Use of Semantic Cues in the Classroom
- Vocabulary Assignments
- Examples
Context Cues
Come from using the word's
surrounding text to figure out
possible meaning
Five Types of Context Cues
1. Definition
2. Comparison/Contrast
3. Summary
4. Situation or Mood
5. Figures of Speech/ Familiar Expressions
How to Use in the Classroom
- Direct Instruction
- Modeling
- Examples from book
- Writing or Journal Assignments
Kruder, S. (2003). Chapter 2. In Teaching Students with Language and Communication Disabilities (4th ed.). Pearson.

Types of Context. (n.d.). Retrieved October 7, 2015, from www.thinkport.org

Wren, Ph.D., S. (n.d.). The Three Cueing Systems. Retrieved October 6, 2015.

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