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Earth Trust

an orginization deticated to saving our population of whales.

salvador ventura

on 3 March 2010

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Transcript of Earth Trust

beggings. History and accomplishments found In 1976 in Honolulu by Don White
Earthtrust was the 1st environmental organization in Kuwait following the gulf war. 1977 first ever bout bought from the soviet union used for anti whale fishing. Whales they have been watching whales and protecting them since 1977 They help by trying to save and preserve whales by opening sancturaries
they also where the first to ever have a anti whale boat
they work in trying to stop whale meat being sold on the black market Dolphin project Each year hundreds of thousands of dolphins die from driftnet and purse seine fishing, from being harpooned, from being shot as crab bait, and from pollution. Although it is already known that dolphins are large-brained, intelligent, social creatures, humans continue to slaughter these amazing mammals at an enormous rate.
Sea Turtle Protection Project

Earthtrust has been an active advocate for the preservation of sea turtles, both in Hawaii and throughout the world. 1. to save dolphins in the ocean from the holocaust they currently experience. By learning all they can about the intelligence of dolphins, and sharing these findings with the global public in an effort to raise people's awareness about these animals, it is hoped that this information will further dolphin conservation efforts worldwide.

2. to conduct scientific research on the behavior and cognition of dolphins and learn more about their minds, and contribute these findings to the scientific literature;

3. to enrich the environment of these dolphins by offering a vehicle for their recreation
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