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Tropical Evergreen Forest


Nicole Warmerdam

on 16 May 2010

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Transcript of Tropical Evergreen Forest

Biomes Project Tropical Evergreen Forest (Rainforest) Biotic Factors Plants Bengal Banboo Where are they found? Washington Madagascar Costa Rica Hawaii Abiotic Factors How do they help us? Temperature Rainfall Animals Bengal Tiger Chimpanzee Kinkajou Toco Toucan Kapok Tree Fig Tree Ranges from 20-25° C The average temperatures of the three warmest and three coldest months do not differ by more than 5 degrees. Precipitation is evenly
distributed throughout
the year. The annual rainfall
exceedes 2000 mm. They are a major source of wood,
and because of this, more than
half of the world's rainforests
have been destroyed. They provide the Earth
with the most diverse
areas on the planet.
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