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Feminism in print media

Reading Report.

Patricia Torres

on 2 March 2011

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Transcript of Feminism in print media

Femininsm in Print Media Definition: publications that are printed and distributed on paper keeps the people informed and updated on current events and social issues varies in topics covered cheaper to use compared
to electronic media posses competition with electronic media
due to advancement in technology Images of women in print media: A. Newspaper Very few positive images;obvious stereotyping (ex. pop stars, athletes, beauty queens, etc.) •Lacks the image of an active and firm working woman Regular women are often portrayed as victims of poverty and violence as well as crime. Misogyny or the hatred of women is shown in the form of rude jokes and mockery against women activists Women have been portrayed as objects of what men wanted to see them – beautiful, obedient mothers and wives, able housewives, and nothing more B. Magazines Women are rarely shown in
outside working roles Very few women are shown
to be smart professionals. Women rarely went out of their home
with other women or by themselves Protection was one of the things that
women depended on from men Men were shown to think of
women as sexual objects. Females were frequently shown in ads for cleaning, food and beauty products; clothing; medicine; and home appliances C. Books Women are shown to be seductress, sex objects, nutruring mothers and loving wives Marriage is ever-present; being an "old maid"
is undesirable for every woman Women are seen as weak without
men and marriage Women are restricted at home
to care for the children Men are more active in
selections in literature Men are more assertive and dominant while the women are passive and subordinate Possible Solutions Women should be shown as career-oriented
and lead roles in a holistic image Stop the reinforcement
of sex stereotypes Women should refuse to give in to the stereotypes attributed to them Women must unite to make the media
work for us, not against us Two popular versions of feminism
that the media promote: Choice Feminism feminism equals women choosing
what sort of life they want
Traditional Feminism an outlook that transcended the accepted value systems of the time by exposing and opposing the prejudice and narrowness; a desire for a truly general conception of humanity
Magazines geared towards women about
propagating themselves with ideals Vouge- five publications of mainstream media that label feminist Lesbianism and Bisexuality were accepted as part of feminism Pornography in relation
with feminism started
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