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Heineken Commercial Analysis

EAP High Intermediate Communication Class in UoL

Deok Eun Kim

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Heineken Commercial Analysis

Heineken Contents 1. Watching The Advertisement 2. Analysis - The Demographic - The Psycho graphic -The Target Market 3. Watching The Advertisement Again 4. Conveyed Message Alex & Shannon Watching The Advertisement Analysis The Demographic - Age : over 18
- Gender : Men
- Marital Status :
Both married and unmarried
- 35 countries
932 million people
(13.6% of world population) The Target Market The Psycho graphic People who drink Heineken
think they are :
- Exceptional - Get low scores on modesty - Get high scores on self-esteem Watching The Advertisement Again Conveyed Message = Heaven Thank you "Poseur"
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