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Aira Timbol

on 16 September 2013

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What is an Application Letter?
It is a link between your resume and the job or organization. It is used to emphasize, to highlight or to build on information in your resume, and to convince the organization that you have skills and experience necessary to be the best applicant for the position.

Format of an Application Letter
Cover Letter Body
The body of your cover letter is the section of the letter that tells the hiring manager what position you are applying for and why the employer should select you for an interview. You're selling your candidacy to the reader, so it's important to be specific about your qualifications as they relate to the position.

Guidelines in writing an Application Letter:
Two Types of an Application Letter:
First Paragraph:
The first paragraph of your letter should include information on why you are writing. Mention the position you are applying for and where you saw the listing. Include the name of a contact, if you have one.
Second Paragraph
Explain why you are interested in the position, the company, its products or services, and what you can do for the employer. Stress your achievements and unique qualifications that relate to the field in which you are applying. Avoid duplicating exactly what is in your resume.
Refer the reader to your enclosed resume which summarizes your qualifications, background, and accomplishments.

Third Paragraph
(Closing Paragraph)
Indicate your desire for a personal interview. State that you will call on a specific date to arrange an interview appointment at this person’s convenience. State your willingness to provide additional information, if requested. If you will be in their geographic area on a certain day, stress the importance of setting up an interview for that time. Thank the employer for considering you.
•Before writing an application, find out as much as you can about the job.
Make a draft plan first with what you want to put in your application.
•Write it as many times as you want until you get it right.
•Spelling and grammar.
•Write neatly, but get it typed if you can.
•Make sure you use clean A4 size paper.
•Always send copies of everything, except the application letter.
•Tell the people who wrote you a reference you are being interviewed before you go.

•Keep a copy of your application.
•Make a number of copies of your résumé and send one off each time you apply for a job.
•Keep your résumé up to date.
•The letter is a link between your resume and the job or organisation. It is used to emphasize, to highlight or to build on information in your resume, and to convince the organization you have skills and experience necessary to be the best applicant for the position.
•Your application should be specifically tailored to each situation.
•Use the Library or the Internet to research additional information about the company so that you can tailor your letter specifically to the company.
•As the employer might have many applications to read the letter needs to be concise and to the point.
•If the advertisement lists a set of selection criteria then prepare a specific reason to each of these to include with your letter and resume.

Unsolicited Letter
Unsolicited cover letters and resumes may prove effective in your job search because the majority of jobs are never advertised in newspapers nor on Internet job boards or professional networking and social media Web sites.
Solicited Letter
A solicited cover letter is something you draft when you're applying for a posted job opening or responding to an employment ad.

When writing a solicited letter, get to the point of the letter immediately without spending too much time on unnecessary details.
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures

"I am writing to inquire about possible opening at ABC Company for a research assistant. I am interested in a senior level position offering the opportunity for travel and advanced research assignments.”

“I’m submitting an application for the editorial position you advertised on SuperJobs on September 10”


Having contact with your school, which fosters learning in a Christian environment and values the arts and creative thinking, would be of great value to my growth as an emerging teacher. I would appreciate the opportunity to visit your school and will telephone you within the next two weeks to discuss when this could be arranged. I am confident my experience, academic qualifications and interests would fulfill the requirements of the position outlined. The opportunity to discuss my application with you would be appreciated. I can be contacted on … or by message on … during business hours. Thank you for considering my request. Please find attached a copy of my resume, academic record, and a selected reference. I am available for an interview and can be contacted on …. I will make contact with you within the next two weeks to check on the progress of this application.
Steps in doing Unsolicited Letter:

Explain the purpose of your letter in the first paragraph. Tell the reader why you're writing and include a brief introduction about your skills, background and interest in the company. Because this is an unsolicited cover letter, you needn't reference where you saw a job advertisement. However, it's wise to include a sentence or two about why you chose to write to that particular company.

Write a second paragraph that provides more details about your skills and qualifications, but doesn't pigeonhole you into a certain field, position or rank. Give the reader an opportunity to judge where your qualifications best fit.

Construct your third paragraph as a summary of your achievements. Stick to accomplishments above and beyond your typical job duties.


Close your letter by restating your contact information. If you're available at any time for an interview or if you're traveling to the city where the company is located, indicate that in your final paragraph. If you have the contact information for the person to whom you're writing, say when you'll follow up on your interest with a telephone call. Use a respectful closing such as "Respectfully yours," or "Kind regards."


With a BS degree in Accountancy, I have a full understanding of the full life cycle of a software development project. I also have experience in learning and excelling the accounting business cycle. Please see my resume for additional information on my experience. As a previous accountant in the Y Company, they we’re so fascinated with my sincerity, and commitment that they extended my tenure in a project. They acknowledged me in writing for a splendid job. Please see my resume for more additional job experience and references.

Sample Unsolicited Letter
2893 Jack Five Road
Quezon Hill, AC 27214
September 13, 2013

Ms. Danice Bartolome
Director of Administration
Cuts and Strong, Inc.
770 Campus Point Drive
Quezon Hill, AC 27214

Dear Ms. Bartolome:

In the August 31 issue of the Cuts and strong post, your ad mentioned “proven skills”, I believe I have what you are looking for in an administration assistant. In addition to experience in a variety of basic bookkeeping, I am familiar with the computer software used in your office.

I recently completed a four year-course at Holy Angel University on Basic Bookkeeping. I learned how to apply those programs to speed up financial report-writing tasks. A workshop on “Going along with Excel” gave me experience with other valuable applications such as accounting for financial reports accurately and correctly in a short span of time possible.

These skills have been invaluable to me as assistant manager to the chief nutritionist at our campus cafeteria (please refer to my resume). I’m particularly proud of the system I designed, which has sharply reduced the problems of our company in terms of reporting their financial statements.

Because “proven skills” are best explained in person, I would appreciate an interview with you. Please contact me any afternoon between 3 and 5 p.m. at (905) 672-6821 to let me know the day and time most convenient for you.


Aira Timbol

Enclosure: Resume

- http://www.ehow.com/info_8271412_difference-application-letter-unsolicited-letter.html

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