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The Hunger Games Chapter 7-9

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vova vavan

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of The Hunger Games Chapter 7-9

Significance Chapter 7 - The Training Session Chapter 8 - An Unexpected Success Chapter 9 - Surprise at the Interview Katniss starts to prepare for the Games in these chapters and there is an emphasize on the importance of appearances. Katniss’s instruction this time is not on weapons or survival techniques, but on how she should present herself. If she wants to survive the Games, she must win over the public and the sponsors, who can give her gifts that may help her during the Hunger Games. But on the other hand, Katniss despises the Hunger Games and everyone who views them as entertainment, but she knows it’s best to follow Haymitch’s instruction and keep those feelings hidden. Moreover, she needs to be likable in every regard: not just in what she says, but also in how she looks. Effie even instructs her on hand gestures, sitting properly, and how to smile. Haymitch also makes sure Katniss and Peeta are always seen together, and at the end of the section, when Peeta reveals that he has had a crush on Katniss for years, Haymitch’s reasons for keeping them together all the time start to become more clear. -While on the train Haymitch get to know that Katniss is a great hunter and Peeta can wrestle.
-Haymitch tells them to stay together according to the “twin” act,
-The tribute's training starts: tributes learn how to tie knots, handle weapons and search food- -Katniss is growing tired of pretending to be friends with Peeta, but she does as she's told.
-Katniss notices that many tributes are bigger than her, though many are clearly underfed.
-The Career tributes are from the wealthier districts, they were born to play in the Games.
-Katniss notices the small girl from District 11 named Rue, who reminds Katniss of Prim.
-On her private session Katniss takes difficult shots to impress the Gamemakers, but most of them are tired and careless
-Katniss becomes furious and fires an arrow straight toward the Gamemakers. -Katniss runs to her room after her private session. She is afraid that she will be punished for what she has done on her private training.
-Afterwards, Katniss goes to the dinner.
-Scores are being announced. Everyone is shocked because Katniss gets 11.
-Katniss goes back to her room tired but satisfied.
-She starts thinking of the day when she met Gale for the first time.
-The next day it's time for Katniss and Peeta to prepare for the interview.
-Haymitch tells Katniss that Peeta asked to be coached separately although before they agreed to be coached together. Literary Devices Foreshadowing: Ceasar asks Rue what will her strength be on the arena. She replies that she is very hard to catch, therefore very hard to kill.

Irony: Ceasar tells Peeta that he will definitely turn down the girl he has a crush on if he wins the Games. Peeta says that this won't help because the person he has a crush on came to the Capitol with him. Therefore it's impossible for both of them to stay alive after the Games. -Katniss feels betrayed by Peeta.
-After that Effie teaches Katniss how to wear a gown and high-heeled shoes. She also teaches her about gestures, smiling etc.
-Then Haymitch coaches Katniss on her interview skill. They try different strategies but nothing works for Katniss.
-Kaniss goes back to her room angry at Haymitch and starts smashing dishes.
-The Avox girl comes to clean the mess. Katniss apologizes for not saving her in the past. They clean up the room together.
-The next morning the prep team works on Katniss. Cinna gives Katniss a gorgeous dress made of gems and gives her a few advices for the interview.
-At the interview, Katniss uses Cinna's strategy and easily answers all the questions.
-Peeta gives his interview and at the end of the interview reveals that he loves Katniss We also can notice an example of the inequality between rich and poor in this section. The Career Tributes, those tributes from wealthy districts who have been trained for years to take part in the Hunger Games, have several advantages over the tributes from poorer districts. First, they are well-fed, making them noticeably healthier and stronger than most of the other tributes. Second, they are trained to use the weapons the tributes may find in the arena and they can handle that weapons easily and competently. The result of this inequality between the wealthier districts and the poor districts is that the tributes of the wealthier districts seem far more likely to survive. Ironically, however, the hardships Katniss has had growing up give her her own set of skills, which may, in the end, give her a great advantage. For the past five years, Katniss has had to hunt and manage to feed herself and her family. Katniss, would have a better chance to survive than a tribute whose family was wealthy enough to simply buy food. Katniss also notes that, while many of the other tributes from the poorer districts are bigger than her, they also look underfed. Perhaps most importantly, Katniss’s hunting experience makes her an expert with a bow. While she might not be able to physically overpower the other tributes, she could certainly defend herself or kill from a distance. This section provides more insight into Peeta’s character as well. For instance, we learn what strengths he possesses that might be useful during the Games: he is physically strong, he’s an excellent wrestler, and he’s also adept at camouflage. In addition, we find out that he’s been paying attention to Katniss for a long time. He remembers the incident when he gave her the loaves of bread, and he’s aware of her hunting skills because he’s often eaten the squirrels she’s sold his father. When he tells Haymitch that Katniss has no idea of the effect she can have, we also get a hint that he may have a romantic interest in her. This suspicion is confirmed at the end of the section, when Peeta tells Caesar Flickerman that the girl he’s had a crush on for years is the same one who came to the Hunger Games with him. While we learn how Peeta feels about Katniss, we also learn more about Katniss’s relationship with Gale. She describes their first meeting, and she hints that she found him immediately appealing. They developed first into hunting partners, then into friends, but they never had a romantic relationship of any sort, it’s clear that Katniss feels strongly about him. At one point, while lying in bed, she misses him and thinks of how comfortable she feels with him. Significantly, she compares her relationship with Gale to her relationship with Peeta, and recognizes that she actually has with Gale what she and Peeta pretend to have in front of the other tributes and the cameras. Katniss misses Gale and feels that’s he truly her friend, but he’s not around. At the same time, she must pretend to be very close with Peeta, but she doesn’t want to be close to him because they will be enemies once inside the arena. Analysis of mood: There is an atmosphere of desperation and fear in the 8th chapter after her private session. She falls on the bed and starts crying, thinking about how she and her family can be punished for her foolish impulse.

Analysis of theme: Katniss comapares her relationships with Peeta. Only now She understands, that Gale is more than friend for her and she was relly happy with him. She trusts Gale, because they were thrown together by a mutual need to survive, but her and Peeta's survival means death of one of them, so she can not trus Peeta as she trusts Gale. Conflict: A conflict between Katniss and herself occurs in this chapter. Katniss needs to be friendly and talkative to Peeta in order to the "twins" act and she is growing tired of pretending, but she does as she's told, because she needs to get the sponsor's attention.

Foreshadowing: When Peeta comments on how Katniss is a survivor, she reminds him of how she often needs help in order to survive and knows that he remembers the bread he gave her when they were children. This foreshadows the help that she will need later on, hopefully help that will come from Peeta during the Games. Literary devices Literary Devices Katniss's relationship with Gale Katniss's advantages Conflict of inequality Peeta's characterization Katniss against the Capitol
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