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Complementary Co-Teaching

No description

Allison Eldridge

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of Complementary Co-Teaching

How can you expect a special education teacher of students who are learning English to be an effective co-teacher in a high school science class where content mastery is so important?
Complementary Co-Teaching
Complementary Co-Teaching
Complementary Co-teaching occurs when one co-teacher does something to enhance the instruction provided by the other co-teacher(s). One may introduce new material while the other models taking notes, or provides different examples.
don't forget to monitor the learners.
Watch out for to much "teacher talk"
Role Release
To avoid getting stuck in a rut with one teacher always taking the expert role and the other the complementary role plan for role release

- Listening during lecture and discussion
- Memory strategies
- Note-taking
- Studying for a test
- Keeping an organized notebook
- Time and task management (homework,reports, projects)
- Self-management

Both teachers share in delivery of information but sometimes using different methods
Complementary Co-Teaching Activity
Teacher A
Teacher B
Primarily Responsible for delivering content
Primarily Responsible for delivering related instruction

ex- Study Skills
Potential areas for complementary instruction:
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