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Kinko's Case

Made by Anna Artsibasheva, Sanja Becirovic, Ana Hazel Guillen, Anamarija Dadic, Tanja Grubišić

Anna Artsibasheva

on 16 June 2014

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Transcript of Kinko's Case

Long-term experience
Long-standing business relationship with FedEx
Convenient locations
Offer variety of services
Emotional bond with certain customers
24hrs service
Successful abroad
Lost customer loyalty
Technology lower than competitors
Inconsistent pricing
Misleading shop layout
Difficult machines in self-service area
No diversification in approaching different customers
Pressure to perform financially from FedEx merger
Market share loss to competitors
Increase of commercial solution segment by 5%

Possibility to do document management

Use FedEx brand awareness to improve current reputation

Possibility to regain emotional bond with customers

Expand into adjacent industries
Overall problems of the company
Problems by segment
Commercial solutions segment
Problems in stores
+ restore brand image
- difficult to implement
Change business strategy
Implement market research
+ satisfy market needs
- time-consuming
Personalize and customize
Regain emotional bond
+ meets customer needs
- costly and requires innovation
+ increase customer loyalty
- hard to implement
Change name
Separate retail from commercial customers
+ Communicate change
- Costly and can create confusion
+ Improve organization
-Difficult to communicate
•Ineffective cost structure

•Inconsistent pricing

•Main business strategy didn’t evolve with the market

•No differentiation from competitors
Strong competition from Xerox and IKON
Low sales-force (500 people)
Unspecialized sales-force (same as for non-facilities management)
Not as cost-competitive as presumed

Shrinking market
Competition from Superstores
Wrong perception of consumer needs
Rise of superstores within market

Decline of consumer segment by 2%

Decline of local business segment by 4%

Decreasing prices in printers

Competition from Xerox and IKON
•Decline due to technological substitute
•Shared lost to competition (Superstore and franchise copy-center)

•Declining market due to technology
•Not tailored customer service (these customers were served by same personnel as the consumer segment)
Consumer segment
Local business segment
Misleading layout

Confusing signage

Complicated machines

Unspecialized staff

No economies of scale
FM Sub-segment
Non-Fm Sub-Segment
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